Seventy Five Quid!?
That was the price of a game way back when the N64 was released in 1997.  Since then the price has been lowered but still loyal Nintendo gamers have been stressing about where to find Fifty Quid to get the latest Mario Party title or the newest Zelda.
But why are Nintendo 64 games so expesive?
On top of the fifty quid for example the N64 has ONLY JUST got Tony Hawks 2, a game that was released on the PC and Playstation over a year ago.  Also compared to low prices of the other versions the N64 version is over fifteen quid more expensive!
One reason for the expense is that it takes on average longer to write an N64 game than your run of the mill PSX game (Zelda Majoras Mask took 2 � years to produce).
Also the cost of the cart format is much more expesive than a simple CD.
But then, you can fit more Data onto a Cart than a Playstation CD (This shows in the quality visually of PSX titles), also games can become bigger and have more levels, characters and alike.
Nintendo claimed back in 1999 that a revolutionary game such as Zelda could not be produced on CD because of its complexity, and the same with the likes of Pod Racer.
Nintendo has been criticised by Playstation fans for the price of their games.
But then I suppose Playstation games aren�t all they are deemed to be by their owners.
So it seems, you get what you pay for.

-Chriz Shipman
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