1080 Snowboarding was probibly the first Extreme sports game that did well on the N64.
The game is basically....well, a snowboard sim.
There are five characters from all over the world (1 American, 1 Canadian, 1 Briton and 2 Japanese) and around eight boards to choose from at first.
You make your way through the tour mode competing on races over tracks.
There are also a multiplayer, trick and slalom modes to compete in as well.
The graphics are amazing and the snow effects are breathtaking.
The snow reacts to the weather and you can see the snow fly when you skid.
There are also great weather effects such as the fog that blankets the course on later levels.
The only major problem in this game, actually there are two.
The first is that there are not enough tracks in the game to board on-a few more would make this a true dream to play.
The second is that there are not enough tricks in the game.  Games such as Tony Hawk's have much more tricks and I would have liked to see this game more trick orientated.
Other than that the game is a true classic with great gameplay in the tour mode and four other people to race/time attack against and hours of fun in multiplayer this is a game that you should seriously consider buying!

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