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Welcome to a very simple page about Nintendo. I know that the webbpage design sucks but I don't really have time to make a site with everything-about-nintendo-content. This is just for fun.

Let me just tell some info about me. I'm 23 year old guy who (still) loves everything that has something to do with nintendo. I've played nintendo since 1987, my first game was a Game & Watch Chrystal Screen: Super Mario Bros and two years later I've got the NES videogame which changed my life totally.
The Games are of course the most important thing, but i'm also collecting a lot of Nintendo-stuff (like pencils, stickers, guides and other strange things).

:::::: RIGHT NOW :::::>
Right now in Sweden every one is waiting for The Legend Of Zelda - The Wind Waker. It will be released the 2nd may with limited edition of the 2-disc pack. Same day a package of GameCube with zelda are also released so everyone who hasn't purchased a GameCube yet, this is the big moment.

The 21:th march this year Metroid Prime was released and this is the game I play alot of right now.

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