Episode 8: The Return of the Ghouls
Days 14-16

There comes a terrifying scream from the next room.  Fox rolls over grumpily, shaken awake by the blood-curling shouts of terror, and glances at the glowing digital clock beside his bed.  It reads 3:00 AM.

"Just great," he mumbles, half-asleep as he glances around...and is surprised to find himself alone in the room, except for Bowser and Captain Falcon, who are snoring away soundly.

Fox slides out of bed quickly, grabbing his bath robe, and puts it on as he hurries silently out the door of the bedroom and makes his way to the girls' room.  The door is open, and the screams continue.  He steps inside...and finds Link lunging madly at several floating spirits that are gliding just out of his reach, laughing evily.

"What's going on?" he blurts, finally waking up fully.

"The ghosts came back, wouldn't you know it!" snaps back Yoshi, over Krystal and Zelda's screaming.  "And they just HAD to come back on the same night that Impa got taken out of the game..."

"You're totally missing them!" spits Samus, growing annoyed with Link's futile attempts.  "Move, I'll blast them to pieces!"

"They're GHOSTS!" snarles back Link, turning angrily at Samus, who is aiming her cannon at one.  "You can SHOOT THEM!"

"Funny, doesn't seem like HACKING THEM TO BITS would be much more successful, then," she growls back, and Link smothers any words in his mouth and sheathes his sword quietly.

Samus takes aim, following a cackling ghost around the ceiling, then lets loose with rapid fire.  The ghost squeals and bounces madly around the room as fast as it can fly, as blasts of light pierce the darkness and destroy the walls.

"I'm on your tail, Casper," snarles Samus, firing like a maniac and knocking plaster and tile from the ceiling and walls.  "You'd better fly faster than that!"

"Stop, stop!" demands Zelda, as dust clouds form in the room.  "You're hitting everything!  You might hit a-"

Zelda's voice is cut off suddenly when sparks fly from the wall and the entire mansion goes black.  In Fox's room, his glowing clock burns out.

".....power line?" finishes Link, unamused, as Samus ceases fire and glances at the barrel of her gun, a bit annoyed.

"Darn!" she snarles, shaking her cannon.  "I think I missed him completely!"

"Nice going, Samus," growls Ganondorf.  "You just cut the juice to this place!  Now we're without power AND fighting the undead."

"That's no problem," replies Samus, slapping a metal hand down wryly on Link's shoulder.  "We've got Super Elf here, and he can go down to the basement to fix things back up from there!"

"What?" blurts Link, turning angrily to Samus.

"But what about the ghosts?" asks Zelda, looking somewhat concerned.  "If Link leaves to fix the power, who'll handle the ghosts?"

"I can do it," responds Fox, flashing a proud smile.  "And don't forget, we've got that Poltergust 3000 still from earlier in the game--I'm an expert with it."

"Expert my-"

"Great!  Wanna start on that right now, then?" asks Krystal, cutting Link off.

"Right now?  In the night?" gawks Link, getting the uneasy feeling that he's being rushed to the basement.

"Fine, I know you'll have those lights back on right away, pal," says Fox, giving Link an unexpected slap on the back.  "I have uttmost confidence in you!  And, just to make sure you don't lose heart down there, how about we send your dinosaur friend down there with you!"

Before either of them realize it, both Yoshi and Link have been pulled to the basement door, and it swings open for them.

"I believe I saw a map on the wall," begins Krystal, "that showed the fuse box on the left wall down there.  Good luck!"

The two pause a moment, then Link gingerly takes the first step down the stairs, disappearing into the darkness.  Yoshi follows close behind, and Fox grins happily.


Captain Falcon stumbles down the stairs, having been unable to start his morning with a hot shower to wake himself up, and is disappointed to be greeted with the musty smell of the basement rather than the usual smell of cooking bacon and eggs.

"Ugh....no power..." he mumbles, remembering the situation that he has already discovered.  "And why's this place smell like the basement?"

"The door's been open all night," explains Zelda, looking a bit worried.  "The smell's been drifting up here since about three o'clock.  Link and Yoshi have been down there working on the fusebox.  They're trying to get the power back on."

"Oh," responds Captain Falcon, seemingly unconcerned or else unawake.  He stumbles off to the bathroom, then remembers that the power is out and the water will not run--he grumbles and walks back upstairs to go back to bed.


"Well, after hours of work, I don't think we've fixed a darn thing," growls Link, scratching his head in confusion as Yoshi adjusts the flashlight.

"Did you try turning that one?" he asks, pointing at a red rubber knob.


"How about flicking that switch over there?"

"More than twice."

"Pressed that button?"


"Well then," grumbles Yoshi, running out of ideas.

"Here, give me the flashlight," says Link, taking it from Yoshi.  "I don't need you to hang around down here in this dungeon with me.  Go up there and keep an eye on things for me."

"Are you sure?" asks Yoshi, hesitant.

"Yeah, I'm sure," answers Link.  "Fox'll be all over making some plans, so we've got to keep an ear on him while we wait out these next two days."

Yoshi turns and quickly dashes up the stairs, leaving Link to work alone in the dark, musty basement.


"We have the game in our hands, but we've got to act fast if we want to keep it there."

Krystal nods slowly, but Fox keeps his eyes shut as he taps his fingers together, running options through his head.  Captain Falcon sits nearby in a chair--the group has assembled quietly in the Music Room for some discussion.

"I'm still Head of the House Hold," Krystal says, in a hushed voice.  "We control who goes next."

"Yes, but we've got to tread softly," replies Fox.  "We're on touchy ground now--everyone we get rid of has a friend, and anybody can talk anybody into an alliance of sorts..."

"We need to make plans," she says.

"That's not a problem, so long as we keep the promises coming faster, bigger, and better than the last made," responds Fox.  "But, we can't leave anyone around long whom we make deals with--I won't want to get us in a tangle of plans."

"I say we get rid of Link as soon as possible," suggest Captain Falcon.

"I say we've said that already," answers Fox, somewhat annoyed.  "Link is the primary target right now--if he goes out, there's a lot less of a leader around here to direct his little minions about."

"Yeah, that's good," says Captain Falcon, seriously.

"But darn it, we lost DK," says Krystal.  "He was our drop man!  Had we been able to keep him around, we could've used him and then dumped him off as soon as we get in a narrow spot."

"They lost Impa," Fox reminds her.  "Impa seemed to vote with them."

"Yeah, but I highly doubt she actually had any method to her madness--I consider it dumb luck that she happened to vote along their lines," responds Krystal.

Suddenly, the lights come on, and a shout can be heard from somewhere below in the basement.  The lights flicker for a moment, but remain on.  Krystal and Captain Falcon look around in surprise, but Fox keeps his eyes closed.

"The lights are back on...." he muses, despite not being able to see.  "It seems that fool finally got the power back on after Aran blasted it out on us.....  That should be good for saving his skin for, oh, probably three more days...."

There comes a sharp series of knocks at the door, tapping out a clumsy rhythem.  Captain Falcon looks at Fox, as does Krystal, and Fox waits a beat.

"Go take care of that," he finally says, motioning to Captain Falcon to answer the door.

Captain Falcon opens the door--Bowser and Ganondorf are standing outside.

"Oh, it's Bowser and Ganondorf," calls Captain Falcon, ushering the two in and quickly and carefully closing the door again before returning to his seat.

"Gentlemen, glad you could make it," says Fox, opening his eyes and sitting up higher in his seat.

"Did you hear that?  Gentlemen!" roars Bowser, poking Ganondorf and laughing hysterically.  "What do you think we are, Fox?  WIMPS?"

"No, I think you both are strong, crafty players looking for a way to make it further in the game."

There's a moment of silence, and Bowser and Ganondorf look at each other for a moment.

"You have a plan?" snarles Ganondorf, quite to business already.

"A doozy," smiles Fox, sitting a little higher.

"Let's hear it, worm," growls Bowser.

"You side with me, I keep you safe, we take out Link together."

"I like this...." murmurs Ganondorf, narrowing his eyes.  "Go on...."

"Krystal here is Head of the Household, so she'll be deciding who leaves next," continues Fox.  "We plan to use her powers to finally rid ourselves of our good friend Link, thereby taking power from his ever-irritating team of wannabe winners and shifting it to where it truly belongs.....here with us."

"Spectacular!" roars Bowser, clasping his hands together in delight.  "Count me in!"

"Sounds somewhat risky," grumbles Ganondorf, rubbing his chin, "but I'm game for it--not like there's many choices left anymore, anyways..."

"Believe me, this is the right choice," says Fox, as he gets up to leave.

The others do the same, and they stop beside the door.

"We'll keep this little meeting quiet, of course," says Fox, putting a solid hand on Ganondorf's shoulder, "or else things could get ugly for me, and then things could get ugly for you...."


"So Fox approached us and wanted us to meet him in the Music Room at about four," says Bowser, to the camera.  "You know, Fox isn't exactly one to be taken lightly, so Ganondorf and I decided to show up, just to see what was on his mind.  That was all yesterday afternoon.  Anyways, when we get there, things suddenly start going gangster-style...  His big tough buddy in the blue suit closes the door behind us, and we're talking all Godfather and stuff.  Then, to top it off at the end, he THREATENS us!  How dare anyone speak to the King of Koopas like that!"

Bowser finishes his rave and leaves the Camera Room, muttering to himself.  Almost immediately, he finds himself face to face with Zelda.

"Bowser, what a surprise," she says, trying to sound pleased to see him.  "Would you mind, say, meeting me in the Ball Room at noon?"

Bowser blinks in puzzlement, then a wide grin spreads across his face.

"Ohhhhhhhh, you LOVE ME!" he bellows, leaping in the air.  "YESSS!  I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!  YOU'VE BEEN JUST DYING TO MAKE OUT WITH ME ALL THIS TIME!"

Zelda is shocked and looks around frantically to make sure nobody is around.  The room remains empty.

"Um, well, kind of....I guess," she mumbles, quickly trying to fight her way into a good reply.  "Anyways, um, just make sure you come, okay?"

"I'll be there a-waiting for you FROM ELEVEN ON, BABY!" roars Bowser.

"It's already past eleven, Bowser."

"............then I'll be FASHIONABLY LATE!" he exclaims, leaping up and down before finally controlling himself and stomping off, very pleased with himself.  "See you later, Hot Stuff!"


Eleven o'clock rolls around, and only minutes later, into the door of the room strolls Bowser.

"I'm here, bab-......ohhhhhh, shoot...."

Around him stand Zelda, Samus, Link, and Yoshi.  None look like they are in the mood to make out with him....or ever might be.  Bowser shrinks back a little.

"Um......sorry, wrong room I guess," he mumbles, turning to leave.

"Hey hey hey, we've got some things to discuss now!" growls Link, quickly moving in front of the door.  "Now that you're here, you might as well play along, eh?"

Bowser frowns, unhappy to have been fooled into the ordeal, and folds his arms.

"Very well," he growls, but he is definately not pleased.

"Do you see what's happening in the game around you, Bowser?" asks Zelda, trying to get through Bowser's thick skull.

"Well, YEAH!" he snarles, "some people get mad, some people say some stuff, and some people get rid of some people.  Then, they do it again."

"It's a bit more complex than that, I'm afraid," interupts Yoshi.

"WHO ASKED YOU, GEICO?" snaps Bowser.

"The truth is, you're being used, and you have been for the entire game now," says Zelda.  "You're simply falling into place right where Fox wants you, and you're doing all his dirty work without a single thought!"

"What?" bellows Bowser, his attention suddenly snapping on.  "Being...........used?"

"What?" laughs Link, "you didn't actually think Fox has your best interest in mind, did you?"

"Well, he's sneaky, I'll give him that!" growls Bowser, feeling a little bit humiliated.

"Fox is just using your extra vote to keep control--you aren't the one driving, HE is!"

Bowser turns a little red--he has not given thought to these aspects of the game yet.

"All I'm asking," finishes Zelda, "is that you think this through a little and, when it comes time to vote, you put in that extra ounce of thought before you write down a name--don't let yourself be used by anyone in this game, Bowser, because you'll quickly find that you're only acting as a puppet, a toy for someone higher up to get further in the game."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure I am," grumbles Bowser, but although he attempts to shake off the advice, it sticks to him a little, and he can't help but feel a bit confused by the entire game...  "If that's all, I'm out of here."

"That's all, Speed Demon," replies Samus, as Link opens the door for Bowser and he trudges out.

There is absolute silence for a moment.  Then, Yoshi, having long been quiet, finally speaks.

"So.........what's the verdict?"

"He's been dealing with Fox, that much is obvious," says Zelda, before anyone can speak.  "You could see some panic on his face."

"Yeah, but maybe his connections aren't actually so bad," suggest Link, stepping from the door.  "Perhaps he'll spread a few ideas to some of his.....friends....."

"Regardless, I think we might have brought a few ideas to light," says Zelda, "one being that he's being used."

"Bowser didn't like that," says Samus, grinning a little.  "I think his pride was hurt that he's fallen for Fox's plans all along.  No matter what, he still believes he's in control of everything......until the big brick of reality smacks him in the face."

"All in all, I'd say a fruitful chat," says Link, nodding.

"Then let's hope that Fox doesn't catch up with them before tomorrow's vote," says Yoshi, wisely.


Noon the next day comes, and it's time for voting.  As some members begin to file into the parlor, Fox quickly approaches Krystal, who is sitting on the sofa, and puts a hand on her shoulder.

"Have you got everything set up?" he asks, and she nods quickly.

Bowser sits down somewhat uncomfortabley on the sofa beside Fox, and Zelda makes a point of quickly rushing over and planting herself beside him...much to his discomfort.  Everyone finishes finding seats, and Krystal clears her throat before beginning.

"Well, sixteen days in, and we're going strong," she says, breaking a smile.  "But, as always, we've got to cut someone loose to move forwards, so I've thought long and hard and come up with some hard choices to make..."

She looks around at everyone, then her eyes fall on her victim.

"The first nominee to be voted off is Samus Aran," she says, causing Samus to glare coldly--a whisper scatters across the room, "because she became overly excited upon seeing a ghost, and ended up costing us a day without power."

"I do accept blame for that," Samus growls, "but, with uttmost respect, I also didn't scream in a shrill voice and hide from it like a frightened rodent."

"Rodents don't scream," snorts Captain Falcon, trying to sound intelligent.

"Quick wit," replies Krystal, cool as ice, "but it won't save your metal-padded rump roast this time, doll."

Samus steams with fury, but holds back and keeps her mouth shut.

"My second nominee," says Krystal, savouring every moment she can, ".......is Link."

"LINK?!" roars Yoshi, leaping to his feet.

"Link?!" cries Zelda, unable to believe it.  "Why would you nominate Link?!"

"Because," replies Krystal, annoyed at being questioned, "he.....uh..........could work harder than he does!"

"He turned on the electricity again!" yelps Yoshi, in a tizzy, "......the SAME electricity that you just complained about!  The SAME electricity that NOBODY ELSE could fix!"

Krystal turns red, and feels a little bit nervous as she babbles out excuses.

"He, uh, didn't get it on that fast, though!  I mean, we STILL had to go without power for some time..."

"The rules require that you not nominate anyone for eviction without sound reason!" growls Yoshi.

"That's not true!" snorts Fox, but he realizes that things are looking bad.

"Well, then let's find out for sure!" snaps Zelda, before turning to a camera high on the wall and putting on her sweetest smile.  "Oh, Toad?  I know you're watching right now....could you please come out and clear this up for us?  Thanks!"

There is silence.  Then, the door to the Camera Room opens.  Toad walks out.

"This is proposterous!" snaps Fox.  "The rules also said that there'd be no involvement during the game, either!  We were all on our own or we were out of the house!"

"That didn't stop him from coming last time when Impa attacked DK, now, did it?" snaps back Yoshi, equally angered.

"Quiet, quiet," says Toad, quickly hushing everyone.  "While interference is avoided as best possible, it is needed in some instances--and believe me, we had a real incident last time.  This time is no different--it requires examination of the actual rules."

"Ha," growls Zelda, low enough to avoid being heard.

"The rules clearly state," continues Toad, "that no person can be nominated for eviction from the house unless a sound cause is given for their eviction--that means, in short, that somebody must be acting in a vulgar or unappropriate manner for competing in the game, or must conduct him or her self in a way deemed appropriate."


"And I see no way that Link has conducted himself in an inappropriate manner," finishes Toad, rousing a cheer from Link's supporters.  "Nice try, Krystal, but you'll have to nominate somebody else--and make sure you have reason, or else I'll pick someone for you, and I won't be looking for the same people that you are...."

Krystal gulps, having been defeated, and quickly scans the group, her face burning red from embarrassment.  Hurriedly, she turns to Fox.

"What do I do?" she blurts, feeling very stressed out.

Fox thinks quickly, also skimming through the group.  His eyes fall on Ganondorf.

"The Gerudo--he's no longer necessary," hisses Fox, "drop him.  He won't be missed."

"Ganondorf," blurts Krystal, quickly, "because he......um.......is a poor impression on the others in this house, with his pranks, negative attitude, and poor manners."

Ganondorf is shocked that he has become a victim, and looks to Toad in surprise--Toad hesitates, but does not intercede.

"You little traitors!" he roars, standing and shaking a fist at Fox and Krystal.  "If I get out of this, I'll ENSURE that you get yours!"

"Enough!" exclaims Toad, feeling overwhelmed by the fury rising.  "It's time to vote; Link, you're up first."

Link stands and enters the Camera Room.  He goes to the desk and writes the name "Ganondorf" on a paper.

"Nothing personal, man, but I warned you guys, and you should've been weary earlier in the game that Fox couldn't be trusted--this is your final clue, I hope after today you finally understand just how you've wasted the past sixteen days..."

Link exits, and several more enter and cast votes.  Finally, Ganondorf enters.

"Samus, I hate Fox as much as you probably do--here's to whichever of us is still around after this vote; I want to take that filthy little rat out of this game for good, and one of us has to do it."

He folds his vote and deposits it in the voting box; before long, Fox enters and scrawls out the name Samus.

"Funny.....I never really liked chicks with guns for appendages," he muses, "but I guess you'll go out with a blast, eh?  Happy holidays, Samus."

He exits and Krystal, the final memeber, enters and casts her vote.

"You may seem big and tough, and act like you're so much stronger than the rest of us women," growls Krystal, "but I'm sick of your tough guy image.  So, here's your doom, being spelled out by "the pretty chick"...take care, and let's go get our nails done when this game is over...yeah, right....."

She folds her vote, then exits.  Toad enters the Camera Room.

"Ganondorf, I know that you aren't always a-.........whoops....."

Toad puts down the vote, feeling silly having started giving his speech to the camera, and grabs the voting box.  Moments later, he emerges from the Camera Room.

"Here we are, the final results," he says, taking a deep breath as he pulls the top off of the box.  "Nobody panic.  There are nine votes in here.....whomever has received five will be leaving.  The first vote: Ganondorf."

Ganondorf nods, but can still hardly believe that Fox has turned on him.

"Second vote: Samus.  Third vote: Ganondorf.  Fourth vote: Ganondorf.   Fifth vote: Ganondorf.   Sixth vote: Samus.    Seventh vote: Samus.   Eight vote: ...........Samus."

The tension hangs in the air--a dead tie, 4 to 4, and one final vote waiting to decide who will next leave the house.  Toad opens the final vote and shows it.

"I'm sorry.....it's Game Over for you."

The crestfallen resident grabs a large suitcase, then opens the door, looking back only once, then the door closes. 

Samus is out of Luigi's Mansion, and out of the game for good.

On the next episode of Nintendo Big Brother...
The challenges resume, but the house is down to eight people......alliances will have to be strong, or they will be broken!  Then, an old resident will be making a return to the house....uninvited!  As players scramble to adapt to the ever-changing game, a Fox-hunt just may begin as McCloud finds himself the Most Wanted man in the house!  Who will break back into Luigi's Mansion?  How will they affect the game?  Is Fox McCloud doomed to be taken down at last?  All will be revealed in the next episode!
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