Episode 4: The Twisting of Reality
Days 6-8

Yoshi shakes his head in disbelief, mouth agape, as the door shuts and Super Mario is gone from the game.  Now, like never before, the small alliance feels extremely vulnerable, as if they have been stripped of all armor, then tossed onto the field of battle.  Around them are enemies of all varieties, and though no one seems to show emotion anywhere in the room, the feeling is all too tense to call relaxed.  Finally, Fox stands up and says, "I guess I'll go start on dinner."

"Yeah....me too," mumbles Yoshi, feeling lost as he stands and follows Fox into the kitchen as the residents finally adjurn the meeting and disappear from the room.


"Today has been the worst day yet, and I'm stunned," says Zelda, to the camera inside the Camera Room.  "What began as a simple plan to oust Donkey Kong has turned into a catastrophe that has turned on us and begun to eat us alive.  Somehow, somebody got wind of the plan and talked everyone into voting for Mario instead, which baffles me--Mario made no enemies, and I thought he was well-respected among everyone.  When I saw that last vote come up with his name on it, my heart skipped; I couldn't think of a single way such a turn of events could occur, and I'm still shocked.  I don't even have an explanation, and certainly not a plan to go by from here on.  This game twists and turns....the hunters become the hunted."

She exits the camera room for dinner, and the day draws to an end.


"I'm feeling pretty revived at this point in the game," says Donkey Kong, to Captain Falcon, upon waking the next morning.  "My life has new meaning in this game."

"Hey, man, you're alright," answers Falcon, slapping DK on the back.  "Just keep that positive attitude, and everybody'll be happy with yesterday's decision."

"I felt a little bad....only a little.  I mean, I personally didn't have much against Mario, other than he helped vote Candy off.  But, I mean, I'm a big man, I can handle it.  That was his decision, and even if it was a bad one, I respected his choice.  He was a poor, confused little man, lost in a world of sophisticates...."

"Whoa," blurts Falcon, confused.  "Now you're going a little deep for me, dude."

"But an experienced intellectual such as myself never holds grudges," continues Donkey.  "But it was him or me, and he was clearly much more suitable to be kicked than I, and my relations, in total sum, are much more accountable than his own."


"He was a pitiful player at this game--perhaps he was a kind gentleman in real life, but he played this game absolutely atrociously, and for that, he deserved to be terminated from it."

"Oh......whatever you say, Fur Man!  You're the braino-dude around here."


"Okay, we're in trouble," begins Zelda, after breakfast.

"Excellent observations, Holmes," growls Link.

"The question is, how did we get outvoted last night?" interupts Yoshi, smacking a fist in his hand.

The three think for a moment quietly.

"Peach," Zelda finally says, not looking up.

"No way, Mario said-"

"Forget what Mario said," answers Zelda, sadly.  "I know better know, and I knew better then, too, but I felt bad saying anything.  But the fact of the matter is, I could tell by day one that Peach had no interest in Mario really, and only stuck with him because of stereotype.  She was constantly in love with Fox and Captain Falcon--heck, name any male in this house who's name wasn't Mario or Bowser, and she had a crush on them.  I'll bet she switched sides just to take him out of the picture and free herself up to be with everyone else, unchecked by him."

"Sad....he only wanted the best for her," sighs Yoshi, glumly.

"He wanted so badly to believe that he was keeping her on the straight and narrow with us, he closed his eyes to the obvious truth--Peach was in no way loyal to the rest of us.  She just wants Captain Falcon..."

"So that's one vote--but who else?  We should've had it in the bag still!" protests Link.  "We all know Impa really did vote with us-"

"Regretably," adds Yoshi, shivering a little.

"-so who was the other person who turned on us?"

There's another moment of silence, but no one can come up with an obvious traitor.

"I don't think it was Samus," says Zelda, at last.  "She and I are friends, and she still acts casual around me--I definately think she stuck loyal to us."

"I don't know..." muses Link, scratching his head.  "There aren't too many choices to choose from...are you sure she's not just playing you?"

Zelda lowers her eyes and quietly answers, "Not so sure anymore.....maybe I'd better keep a bit closer watch on her from now on..."

"I'd say so," says Link.  "Or we'll all be out of this game before we find out who's stabbing us in the back."

There's noise in the Parlor, and they stop talking.

"We'd better get out there for the challenge," says Yoshi.  "I'll make sure to fill Fox in later today on our new theory.  We definately need a plan."

They stroll casually from the kitchen into the Parlor, as several other residents arrive and the group assembles at last, just as the clock strikes noon.  In through the doors walks Toad, holding odd, panel-like plates, which he sets down.

"Hello, everyone, and it's time for your next challenge to determine this episode's Head of the House Hold," he says, taking the Power Bracelets from Fox.  "Here are the keys to your new room--the Music Room."

There's a chorus of impressed "ooo"s and "ahhhh"s.

"Now, onto your challenge.  This time, the game will all be about endurance--namely, pain endurance."

"This doesn't sound like very much fun," whines Peach, grabbing Captain Falcon's arm, which pleases him.

"You have all noticed the metal plates in front of you, I'm sure," says Toad, referring to table-like metal sheets set in front of each player.  "When I say go, each plate will begin to heat up.  The goal of the game is to keep your hands on the plate as long as you can without taking them off.  If you take away your hands, then you are out.  As the game progresses, the plates will become hotter--the last player to keep their hands on the plate will be the Head of the Household.  Does everyone understand?"

The players exchange nervous glances, but settle their palms on the plates before them and await the game's beginning.

"Ready........annnnnnd START!"

Instantly, the panel is burning hot, like a hot grill, and Peach tears off her hands with a scream.

"That's HOT!" she cries, rubbing her hands.

"Ow!" squawks Birdo, following quickly.

"That's what I was warning you about," answers Toad, as Wrinkly and Krystal take their hands off.

"OOOOGAH!" squeals Captain Falcon, jerking away his hands.  "THAT BURNS!"

"Time to heat things up a little," says Toad.  "Prepare for a Heat Wave..."

The panel gets even hotter, and Yoshi takes off his hands.

"Too hot," he blurts, as Fox also draws his hands off.  "Much too hot for me."

"Owch!" exclaims Zelda, burned by the new heat.  "That's it for me!"

"YOW!" bellows DK, jerking off his hands and shaking them wildly.  "ON FIRE!  MY HANDS ARE ON FIRE!"

"And then there were five," muses Toad, as Link, Bowser, Ganondorf, and Samus try their best to smile, fully knowing what comes next.  "Time for a heat wave."

"Keep it up, Link!" encourages Zelda, as Link strains hard.  "You can win it!"

"We're counting on you!" adds Yoshi, and Link grits his teeth.

The temperature rises, and, this time, Samus lets go.

"I'm okay with cold, but heat can be torture when you're wearing a metal suit," she explains, as Link takes off his hands.

"No!  Link...." says Zelda, trailing off and feeling sorry for putting pressure on the Hylian.

"I'm really sorry, guys," wheezes Link, cradling his burned hands.  "I just couldn't hang on any longer..."

"Down to Bowser, Ganondorf, and Impa," says Toad.  "Shall I increase the heat?"

"Please don't," begs Ganondorf, but Toad does anyways.  "YAH!"

Ganondorf pulls his hands off the panel, and it's between Impa and Bowser.  Neither appear to be working too hard.

"Bowser, you've gotta be in agony right now," says Toad.  "You've been hanging on for a long time--aren't you ready to take off your hands and call it a loss?"

"You think a little scorching bothers me?" he laughs.  "I BREATHE FIRE!  GWA-HA-HA!"

Several minutes pass before finally Impa takes away her hands slowly.

"Owch.....my hands.....are very warm," she groans, holding them awkwardly in front of herself.   

"That's it!" cries Toad, as the group groans.  "Bowser is the winner, and the Head of the Household this time!"

"YEAH!  I WIN!" roars Bowser, stomping about the room wildly.  "LOSERS!"

"Here's the Power Bracelets--wear them wisely," cautions Toad, turning and exiting the house again.  "Until tomorrow..."


"So how are you using your new-found power, pal?" sneers Ganondorf, lounging lazily in a chair in the billiard room.

"Enjoyabley," replies Bowser, with a wide grin, as he knocks a pool ball down the right-hand middle pocket with ease.  "Crap.  Your ball."

Ganondorf gets up and takes the stick from Bowser, working it back and forth between his fingers as he warms up for a shot. 

"Who you thinking of losing tomorrow?" he asks, firing and blasting several pool balls down various pockets.  "Beat that."

"I dunno," replies Bowser, sourly snatching the stick back.  "I'm thinking that whole plan with Mario went well--why not take out his dinosaur buddy, too?"

"Good move," muses Ganondorf, as Bowser smashes several balls with his shot and pockets three.  "Who else?"

"I don't know," answers Bowser, handing the stick off.  "I haven't really thought of anyone.  I'll pick someone that will shock and upset everyone, thereby distorting life as we know it within the house."

"Sounds like a plan," returns Ganondorf, popping a ball down the pocket decisively.


"So what's the word?" grumbles Link, as he, Yoshi, and Zelda turn to face Fox, who has just entered the newly-obtained Music Room for their meeting.  "When should I start packing?"

"It seems," says Fox, looking surprised.  "Bowser made up his mind last night to go after Yoshi, not you.  Sorry, Yosh'ster, but it looks like he's trying to send you packing later today."

Yoshi nods warily, and Fox sits down.

"Do you know who the other nomination is yet?" asks Zelda.

"No word," answers Fox.  "But unless it's Impa, I'm afraid chances are slim."

"We're in trouble now," growls Link.  "We can't trust anyone in this game!  We need to find some back-up!"

"Peach was a failure, Samus was a failure," chimes in Zelda.

"Yeah....too bad, I really thought we at least had Samus on our side," sighs Fox, lost in thought.

"First chance we get, Samus'll be out of here!" declares Link, angrily.  "She stabbed us all in the back!"

"Yeah, she did," says Fox, perspiring a little.  "But we need to concentrate right now on getting votes away from Yoshi here."

"Who can we get to side with us, though?" asks Yoshi, in dispair.  "No matter who I'm up against, most of the people just seem to have a bone to pick with us..."

"Yeah....pretty fishy," muses Zelda, making Fox nervous. "I wonder what got into their heads..."

"Let's see," begins Fox, quickly drawing attention back to the focus.  "Me, Yoshi, Link, Zelda.....Impa will probably side with us, if she even casts a vote....who else...?"

"Wait!  What about Birdo?" asks Zelda, suddenly brightening.

Fox choaks a little, but says nothing and watches Yoshi's face intently.

"Birdo?" he asks, puzzled.

"Yeah!  She'll side with us!" exclaims Zelda.

"Oh, well, you can never be sure..." mumbles Fox, weakly.

"Why would she help?" asks Yoshi.

"Where have you BEEN?!" laughs Link.  "She's insane over you!  You're, like....the love of her life!"

"I am?" asks Yoshi, confused.

"Of course!" answers Zelda.  "She's completely obsessed with you!  The only reason she hasn't been all over you constantly is because she's too shy to approach you!"


"YES!" answers Link, putting a hand on Yoshi's shoulder.  "Look, pal--if you approach her and ask for her support, there's no way she'll turn you down!"

Fox looks away and grits his teeth--his plan will need a bit of new emphasis.

"Yeah, go ahead," he says, turning back to face them.  "Ask her, but remember that you can't really trust ANYBODY...."


"Hi, Birdo."

Fox sits down quickly on the coach beside Birdo in the parlor, alone, and she looks at him, surprised, with a bit of love in her eyes.

"Fox!  I mean, uh, hello..." she buzzes, giggling.  "How nice of you to join me!  Tee-hee!"

"Look, Birdo, I hate to be the bearer of bad news," says Fox, taking a deep breath.  "But....we have to talk."

"About what?" asks Birdo, fluttering her eyelashes attractively.

"About the person you trust and who you've got to vote for eviction later," answers Fox, and Birdo frowns, disappointed that the topic isn't marriage or a romantic walk on the beach.  "Listen.  You love me, right?"

Birdo softens up and blushes a little, but she's also slightly confused.

"Uh....I guess I do.  Tee-hee!"

"And you trust me, right?"

"Of course!"

"Then....at noon....vote to get rid of Yoshi."

Birdo looks as if she's just been awakened from sleep by a cup of freezing water.  She tries to regain her composure, but it's apparent that she's shocked.

"Get rid of Yoshi?" she asks, as Fox swallows and nods.  "Um....I'm not sure I understand..."

"Yoshi's up to no good," says Fox, checking to make sure that they're still alone.  "He's greedy and uses people.  Now, he's in trouble and he's desperate for any help he can get.  If he gets any support, he might slip by the vote and make life miserable for the rest of us for another two days!"

"But I don't understand," murmurs Birdo, turning away slightly and feeling a sudden sadness fall over her.  "Yoshi's never seemed like a bad guy..."

"Trust me, Birdo, he is," says Fox, grabbing her hand.

Birdo is surprised that her hand is being held by Fox, but for some reason, it just doesn't seem to feel exhilerating anymore, like it did before.  She pulls it away a little.

"Go on," she says, turning to face him.

"What I'm saying is, Yoshi'll be crying to you any minute now, I'm sure," continues Fox, looking around cautiously again.  "And I want you to be aware of what he's going to say before he says it."

"What will he say?"

"He's going to ask for you to help him and vote for whoever he's going against," answers Fox, swallowing.  "And you've got to lead him to believe that you actually will, but don't actually listen to a word he says.  He's just trying to get your vote, and nothing else."

"Why's Yoshi so bad?" asks Birdo, depressed.

"If he really loved you, he would've come to you long ago," says Fox, in a hushed voice.  "He's just trying to use you now--he's only going to come talk to you when he needs your help, like right now."

"....maybe......" sniffles Birdo, pondering this thought.

"I'd better duck out now," utters Fox, grabbing her hand at last.  "Remember what to do, and don't listen to a word Yoshi says, and we'll be just fine...together."

He kisses her quickly, and her heart flutters for a brief moment before Fox slips away.  She stares straight ahead in sadness, and, true to Fox's word, Yoshi appears only minutes later and carefully approaches her.

"Um....hi," he says, quietly, but she doesn't look up.  "Um....may I sit here?"

She nods, but doesn't say anything, and Yoshi sits down carefully.  Neither of them say anything for a minute.

"Look," begins Yoshi, finally, still staring straight ahead.  "I'm sorry that I didn't come talk to you really before now.  I never knew the way you felt, and if I had, I would've come sooner..."

Birdo's eyes drift slightly in his direction, but she quickly swallows and looks back ahead.

"But, I'm afraid this conversation isn't going to be a real pleasant one," he continues, turning away slightly.  "Birdo.....I'm....uh.....kind of in trouble....and I need your help."

"This is it," thinks Birdo, not looking towards Yoshi.  "Fox was right, and he's about to say it."

"Bowser's nominating me tonight for eviction," continues Yoshi, not looking towards her.  "And unless I get some help from you and a few others.....I'm gone."

"Go on," she says, not looking at him.

"I would like you to vote for whoever is against me for eviction," finishes Yoshi, with a lump in his throat.  "So that I can stay in the game.  If you save me.....my friends and I will protect you as we are able for the rest of the game."

Birdo swallows, having heard the words she knew she'd hear, and she nods slowly, still not looking at Yoshi, who has finally turned to face her.

"I'd better go," says Yoshi, uneasily.  "And get my things packed for the vote.  I hope I won't need them.  Thanks for hearing me out..."

He gets up and leaves, and Birdo does not turn until he has left the room.  Fox is standing in the doorway and he pats Yoshi supportively on the shoulder as he exits.  Fox turns slightly towards Birdo and nods a little before disappearing to get ready for the vote.


"Alright, losers!" begins Bowser.  "One of you has to leave, two of you get nominated!  So, without further ado...let the festivities begin!"

The group looks around uneasily, knowing trouble is coming.

"First nominee is YOSHI!" roars Bowser, and Yoshi lowers his head in depression.  "Because he was friends with that low-life Mario, and he's a pain in my butt!"

"Which one," growls Link, "the one under your back or the one on your face?"

"And my second nominee," sneers Bowser, pleased, "is that GRAMMA MONKEY!"

"Hey, that's my GRANDMA!" shouts DK, angrily.

"My stars!" blurts Wrinkly, shocked, as well she should be.  "Why me?"

Everyone is surprised at this odd pick, and Bowser is happy to have gotten the effect he desired.

"Because she's old, and old people are wimpy!" cackles Bowser, making Wrinkly tighten her fists in anger.  "You've heard my nominations, worms--time to kick someone out of here!"

The votes are cast, and Toad arrives moments later to calculate them up for everyone.  Yoshi puts a hand on his luggage, ready to go, and Link firmly places his own hand on top of the luggage, pressing it back down onto the floor.

"Keep your cool, you don't know anything yet," he hisses, although he has the same thoughts in his own head.

"Alright, everyone," says Toad, holding the voting box.  "Here's how your votes go.  First vote: Wrinkly."

Wrinkly makes a sour frown, but Yoshi recognizes the vote as his own handwriting.

"Second vote: Yoshi.  Third vote: Wrinkly."

"Gwa-ha!  That's mine!" squeals Bowser, looking at the vote reading Yoshi's name.

"Fourth vote: Yoshi.  Fifth vote: Wrinkly.  Sixth vote: Yoshi.  We currently have a tie, three votes Wrinkly, three votes Yoshi."

Yoshi is a bit surprised that they have a tie and wonders if the voting order was intentionally set by Bowser to set up a cliff-hanger beginning.

"Seventh vote: Yoshi."

"Kills that thought," thinks Yoshi.

"Eight vote: Yoshi.  Ninth vote: Yoshi.  Tenth vote: Wrinkly.  Eleventh vote: Wrinkly.  Twelth vote: Wrinkly."

Link, Zelda, and Yoshi are a bit surprised.  Tied up again, with two votes remaining.  Where are the extra votes coming from, they wonder?

"Thirteenth vote: Yoshi."

Yoshi cringes.  One vote remains, and it must have Wrinkly's name on it for a tie.

"Final vote: Wrinkly.  We have a tie."

Yoshi and company are stunned, and Fox nervously sorts ideas through his head; how could this have happened?  More importantly, where has the mystery support come from...

"Please revote, and I shall count up the votes myself and give the numbers straight-out this time," instructs Toad, and the voting begins again.  Upon ending, Toad enters the Camera Room alone and shuts the door.  Several minutes pass, and the group sits in silence.

"Am I going?" wonders Yoshi, nervously tapping a hand on his luggage as he waits for news from Toad.

Toad emerges.

"The numbers are as follows.  Yoshi has six votes against him.....Wrinkly has eight votes now.  Wrinkly has been evicted."

There is visible shock on the faces of many residents, including Yoshi's.  Fox silently counts votes in his head and is bewildered, completely shocked, as Wrinkly steps forward with her luggage.

"Wrinkly, it's Game Over for you."

Wrinkly slowly walks towards the door, but stops half way and swings her suitcase, smashing it into Bowser's head and knocking him to the floor, before opening the door and stepping outside, closing it behind her.

"Wimpy, eh?" laughs Link, quietly.

On the next episode of Nintendo Big Brother...
An old empire starts to fall, and a new takes power as what was once considered the leading party of the house crumbles under new pressure!  Fox and his company set out to punish those who have failed to follow orders and take action against "the one who should have been evicted before"...  Plus, the residents will obtain access to one of the best rooms in the house!  Who cast the mystery votes to help keep Yoshi in the game?  What role do old alliances play now?  What new room will be added to the mansion?  All will be revealed on the next episode!
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