Episode 3: Enter the Ghoul
Days 4-6

"Ganondorf summed it up as well as anyone else could've," says Yoshi, to the camera.  "Candy not only did nothing herself, her presence caused DONKEY KONG not to do anything, either.  He's a big guy to contribute nothing in this place, and if all he's going to do is eat our food and waste our time, he'll be going next!  It's time to start getting some work ethic around here, if we're going to survive in this dump for a month!"

Yoshi steps from the Camera Room and something pink catches the corner of his eye.  He turns to see it, but it disappears from sight immediately.

"Doggone ghosts...." he grumbles, walking off towards the bedroom, where he was told to have a meeting.

As he steps from the room, the pink object peeks back out again from its hiding spot.  It sighs sadly as it strolls out into the parlor and plops down on the sofa.

"Ooo.....I need to approach him boldly!" murmurs Birdo, depressed.  "I can't be afraid!"


"Two sides at once," laughs Fox, to the camera, early the next morning.  "I feel more powerful in this game than ever, and I am basically invincible.  You see, I'm the grand puppet-master right now; I have two sides warring against each other, and each thinks I'm part of THEIR side...in reality, I'm actually LEADING them both against each other, knocking down anyone who might stir up mischief one by one.  Daisy and Candy were just warm-ups; they were merely tests, used by me to make sure that I was safe from suspicion.  Now that I know my supposed role on each side, it's time to get to the real meat--that is, start taking down leaders, one by one.  And that includes a certain Hylian and dinosaur...  Great guys, all of them...but they just don't understand that trust is your worst enemy when placed incorrectly."

Fox leaves the room and goes to breakfast, where there is nervous patter between many of the residents.  The table is only partially filled, seating Captain Falcon, Link, Wrinkly, Zelda, Krystal, and Ganondorf.  Krystal is nervously explaining something to Link, and Fox quickly sits down beside them.

"Uh-oh," he says, catching the end of Krystal's last sentence.  "More trouble sleeping?"

"More trouble would do nicely," answers Krysal.  "We've got a ghost infestation upstairs now."

"Oh, no," grumbles Fox.  "The ghouls are giving you problems?"

"And how," chimes in Zelda.  "They were all over last night.  Hardly anyone got any sleep; we were too busy worrying about all the ghostly little apparitions floating around above us..."

"I went out to use the bathroom at about two in the morning," says Ganondorf, with the shining Power Bracelets around his wrists still.  "And I saw some of the sneaky little rats floating around on my way there."

"Speaking of ghouls," says Captain Falcon, gripping a mug of coffee.  "Where's Impa this morning?"

Krystal sighs.

"And THAT'S the other half of our sleeping troubles," she says.  "She's not awake yet."

"And that's a problem?" asks Link, raising an eyebrow.

"No, I'm afraid you don't understand, child," says Wrinkly, sadly.  "It's what she says when she's not awake that bothers everyone..."

"You should just hear her," moans Krystal.  "She was mumbling cryptic phrases about axes and slaughter all night long!  Then, somewhere around three o'clock, she started moaning this odd song and waving her hands around eerily.  It was SO freaky!"

"Like, a prayer?" asks Fox, his eyes widening.

"We weren't sure, we were all terrified," answers Zelda.  "She shut up around four o'clock, and then basically went to sleep.  However, when I got up this morning, she was in a funny pose...hands crossed across her chest, like this."

Zelda crosses her arms and closes her arms, and Krystal gasps.

"JUST LIKE THAT!" she exclaims, panicked.  "That was exactly the way she had it!"

Zelda uncrosses her arms and opens her eyes.  No one wants to say it, but Link finally states the obvious:

"Posed....like she was dead."

"We gotta get her out of here!" whimpers Krystal, grabbing Fox's sleeve.  "She's just plain out insane!"

Fox remains silent, then puts a reassuring hand on Krystal's shoulder.

"I'll...uh....see what I can do," he finally says, before excusing himself.


Toad arrives shortly after noon for the challenge of the day.  The group is already eagerly assembled in the parlor.

"Hello hello," he says, cheerfully.  "Another day, another challenge, and another room for you all to enjoy!"

He takes out a dusty key, blowing the dirt off, then hands it to Link carefully.

"This key leads to the Billiard Room.  I'm sure you'll all enjoy it," says Toad, receiving a chorus of cheers from happy residents.  "Now, onto the challenge for today: as you've undoubtedly found, the ghosts are a problem here."

"Yes, we have found that," growls Zelda.

"But, this challenge could help out in two ways," continues Toad.  "First of all, you will finally receive a tool to fend off these ghosts with!"

There's a rise of murmurs as everyone excitedly whispers.

"Second of all, you'll be receiving something of a free crash-course on using this tool in today's challenge," finishes Toad.  "Today, our challenge will be Mouser Hunting....with Poltergust 3000s!"

Toad quickly hands the vacuums out, and everyone quickly fits them onto their backs.

"The rules are simple," says Toad.  "Little ghostly Mousers will emerge from the several mouseholes scattered around the room, as I'm sure you noticed a while ago.  Using your Poltergusts, you'll attack and suck up the Mousers.  You will have a total of 60 seconds to catch the Mousers--whomever catches the most Mousers will be Head of the House Hold.  Good luck, and you may begin..........NOW!"

The Poltergusts all start up in unison, and the hunt is on!  Mousers pop out from everywhere, and the residents scramble wildly to collect the critters up.  Fox, Samus, Mario, and Ganondorf quickly obtain one.

"YOUR MINE!" roars Bowser, taking the Poltergust and smashing it down on top of one of the Mousers, crushing it under the vacuum.  "BWA-HA-HAAA!"

"Bowser, you need to suck them up, not crush them," says Toad, as the Mouser somehow slips right through the vacuum and drift away through a wall.  "Remember, these aren't any normal rodents--they're GHOSTS!"

"Drat!  Stupid vermin!" growls Bowser, stomping on his Poltergust.

"Aaaaaand.....GOTCHA!" cries Yoshi, snagging a Mouser in the pull of his Poltergust and sucking it in.  "Yes!"

"Fox and Samus have two Mousers each, while Mario, Ganondorf, Yoshi, and Zelda have one a piece!" shouts Toad.  "Forty-five seconds remain!  You've all still got plenty of time!"

"Come on, Mousie-wowsie..." coaxes Krystal, trying in vain to suck up an escaping Mouser, who slips away into a hole.  "Argh!  Darn it!"

"Keep trying, Krystal," encourages Toad, as he glaces over and sees Donkey Kong sitting gloomily on the floor, with his head in his hands.  "Donkey Kong, hop to it!  You've still got time to win this thing!"

"What's the point?" growls Donkey Kong, looking up briefly.  "My best friend is out of the game...what difference does it make if I join her now?  I don't care what happens anymore....."

Peach goes for a Mouser, but Bowser grabs her and throws her aside.

"Sorry, sweetcakes," he sneers, sucking up the Mouser himself.

"Hey!  Leave my girl alone!" growls Mario, pushing Bowser from behind.

"Stay outa this, pipsqueak!" snarles back Bowser, grabbing Mario and throwing him to the ground.  "Gah-ha-haa!"

"Bowser has one Mouser....and watch the fighting, guys!" shouts Toad.  "It's good to be agressive, but keep things fair!"

"Come, mouse....enter my.....vacuum.....coooome....." groans Impa, as she begins to pull a Mouser into her Poltergust.

"Hey!  There's one!" cries Captain Falcon, quickly attacking the same mouse and sucking it up just before Impa can.  "Yes!  Another victory for Falcon!"

Impa is dumbstruck staring at where the Mouser was, then turns angrily to Falcon.


"Er.....what?" asks Captain Falcon, confused.  "Would you repeat that, please?"

"MOUSE, I HAD, UNTIL STOLE IT, YOU DID!" screams Impa, in his face.

"Uh......come again?" he blurts, scratching his head nervously.  "I don't think I understand...."

"MY......MOUSE.......MY.....MOUSE!" chants Impa, enraged.  "NOW....YOU SHALL PAY FOR....STEALING.....THE MOUSE!"

She draws back, much to the shock and horror of everyone present, and smashes the vacuum over Captain Falcon's head, knocking him to the floor and causing a deep gasp from everyone.  All motion in the room stops, and Falcon's vacuum falls to the floor.  The Mouser pops out and scurries away.

"The mouse....has been freed," moans Impa, turning to watch the Mouser.

"Uh......Impa?  I think you just smashed your vacuum over Captain Falcon's head," murmurs Yoshi, a bit worried.

"Yes.....I did......" she answers, emotionless.

"I think you're out of this match, Impa," says Toad, quickly.  "Play may continue."

"I think I broke something," whimpers Captain Falcon, from the floor.

The final time ticks down and Toad blows the whistle.

"Time to check your numbers, everyone," he says, as the residents line up before him.  "I will now go around and check how many Mousers each person has collected."

He goes to the end of the line first, Link, and begins counting.

"Link has FOUR Mousers....Peach has NO Mousers.  I'm sorry, Peach, but you didn't win--please step out of the line."

Peach steps backwards, frowning in a pouting-sort of manner.

"Donkey Kong has NO Mousers--DK, you're out of the game.  Yoshi has THREE Mousers--sorry, Yoshi, but three's not enough; please step out of line.  Mario has ONE Mouser--Mario, you're out of this, too.  Gannondorf, you have SIX Mousers!  Six is the new record to beat!  Sorry, Link..."

"I have no problem admitting defeat, as long as there's proof I've been bested," concedes Link, stepping aside as Ganondorf leers proudly.

"Ganondorf has Six Mousers--you have to have at least six to beat him for title of Head of the House Hold!  Let's continue....."

Toad strolls further down the line.

"Impa, you were disqualified.  Please step aside."


"Krystal, you captured NO Mousers--sorry, that won't do at all."

"I hate mice," she growls, stepping aside.

"Wrinkly, you caught ONE Mouser--good try, but not good enough."

"But it was a fun experience," she sighs, contently stepping out of line.

"Bowser, you caught SEVEN Mousers!"

"YAAAAH!  BOOOOO-YAA'LLL!!!!" he screams, leaping up and down and pointing a nasty finger at Ganondorf.  "YOU LOST, MAN!  GAH-HA-HAAA!"

"Yeah, well, don't let it go to your head, you big buffoon," snarles back Ganondorf, stepping out of line.  "Because I would hate to have your head explode from over-inflation...."

"Seven is the score to beat now!  Moving on to.....Samus!  Samus has caught.....FIVE Mousers!  That was quite good work, Samus, but I'm afraid Bowser has you beat."

"In many areas, mostly in anti-mental abilities, though," growls Samus, as Bowser sticks out his tongue at her as she steps from the line.

"Birdo has caught...ONE Mouser.  Good try, Birdo, but you'll need to do better!"

"Ohhh........" sobs Birdo, sadly stepping aside.

"Captain Falcon--you caught NO Mousers!" blurts Toad, shocked, as is everyone else upon hearing the news.  "The great Falcon....what happened?"

"Uh...I chipped a tooth," replies Falcon, rubbing the bump on his head.

"Zelda has caught THREE Mousers.  Good try, Zelda.  And the last hope of beating Bowser, Fox McCloud."

"Sock it to him, Fox," growls Krystal.

"Do better than I did, man," grumbles Falcon, giving Fox a high-five as Toad takes the Poltergust and examines it.

"Hmmm.....well, now......EIGHT Mousers!  Fox has the most Mousers after sixty seconds, and is the new Head of the House Hold!" exclaims Toad, finally.  "Congratulations, Fox!"

"BOOO!  HISS!" bellows Bowser, angrily.

"Good hunting, Fox!" applauds Yoshi, patting him on the back.

"Thanks, everyone," answers Fox, wearing a smile of gold as he is given the Power Bracelets to wear.


"So who's getting it this time?" asks Zelda, in a hushed whisper.

She, Link, Yoshi, and Mario are quietly talking late at night about the vote tomorrow.

"Uhhh, Fox already talked to Mario and I, and he's nominating Donkey Kong, as well as Mario--just as a dud vote to keep suspicions down.  He's voting for Donkey Kong--I guess we're all voting for him tomorrow," answers Yoshi, solemnly.

"Why DK?" asks Zelda.

"Haven't you seen him?" asks Link, surprised.  "He's been just loafing around like a big klutz ever since Miss Pretty Pants got the boot.  He's useless to us all!"

"Alright, but who all do we have in on this?" asks Zelda, still a little unconvinced. 

"Uhhh, let's see," answers Yoshi, counting names off on his fingers as he thinks.  "Yoshi, Mario, Zelda, Link, Fox....."

"Peach," adds Mario.

"I don't know, she seems pretty caught up with Captain Falcon right now," says Yoshi, uneasily.

"She'll vote with us--she trusts me and votes the same way I do," protests Mario.

"Are you sure?" asks Link, skeptically.  "No offense meant by this, but, quite frankly, she seems to be a lot more interested in Falcon than the likes of you..."

"She'll vote for Donkey Kong," snaps Mario, defensively.  "I'm positive of it."

"So that's six...we still need two more to secure a win," muses Link.  "Who can we sway...?"

"I have Samus," answers Zelda, confidently.  "She's a worker and can't stand some of the lazy people around here--particularly Donkey Kong."

"Good, and I've already talked to Impa--she seems to understand the concept behind voting for DK," says Yoshi, seriously.

"Oh, really?  What'd she have to say?" asks Link, amused.

"Uh...I think it was something like, 'Donkey Kong......axe..........chopchopchop.......'.......or something."

"That's reassuring," replies Zelda.

"At any rate, that's eight, and even if Impa doesn't vote again, we'll still tie, and we can hope that Captain Falcon or Krystal votes for DK, too," says Mario.

"Sounds like a plan, then," yawns Link, checking the clock.  "I guess we'd better get some sleep at last...see you all in the morning."

The group trudges off to bed, with newly-made plans still lingering in the air.


Hours later, in the early morning, Fox has already woken up and slipped away to the Billiard Room.  Awaiting him inside are Bowser, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Peach, Krystal, Birdo, and Wrinkly.  There's a rowse of murmurs as he enters and quickly closes the doors quietly behind himself.

"What's this meeting all about?" asks Krystal, yawning.

"Yeah, I'm still sleepy," complains Peach.

"Sorry for such an early meeting," apologizes Fox, "but I feel it is necessary to keep the messages spread at this meeting in complete secrecy, away from the rest of the house."

"Oh, we're talking voting tomorrow?" asks Ganondorf.

"Hey, wait a second!" growls Bowser, pointing a finger.  "Where are all your little friends, punk?"

"Friends?" asks Fox, with an innocent smile.  "What friends?"

"You know who I mean!" snaps Bowser.  "That fat little plumber and the elf and the dinosaur--THOSE guys!  Why aren't THEY here?"

There's silence, and it sinks in on most of the people present.  Fox only smiles before finally answering.

"That's exactly the reason I've called a meeting.  It is true what Bowser has noted: Link, Mario, Yoshi, and Zelda--who were supposedly my allies--are not at this meeting.  And it is just as well so."

"What is this all about?" growls Ganondorf.

"My friends, I believe that certain group may be causing troubles in our house--they are becoming too powerful; too dominating.  They believe they run this house, and the rest of us just follow.  I have noticed just being around them how they tend to push others around and make all the important decisions THEMSELVES...completely without regard for the rest of us!"

"Yoshi's okay..." mumbles Birdo, uneasily.

"Yoshi, perhaps--but do you think all of them?" asks Fox, looking around the room.  "The answer, my friends, is no.  We must take one of them out...and we must take him out now.  I believe one of them holds a certain position of power--if we take him out, the others will fall back in line and regain their senses.  We must vote out Mario tomorrow!"

"Mario?" blurt several surprised people; Peach is one of them.

"Why Mario?" asks Wrinkly, skeptically.

"If I were to share his actions with you all--the actions you have not seen--you might very well become sick here and now," answers Fox, carefully avoiding a direct answer.  "If you all trust me, we will have Mario out of our house tomorrow, and the game will shift back into our own power once again!"

"What's in this for me?" growls Bowser, folding his arms.

"You will have the chance to cream the little snot who has stood you up time and again," answers Fox.  "You will take him out of the game, and you will be the one in control of this game.  Is there more you can ask than that?"

"What's in it for you, then?" asks Krystal.

"As a natural leader," begins Fox, strolling around the room, "I see problems, and I react.  If something must be fixed, then I fix it; if something is filthy, then I clean it.  My friends....I see something in this house....something that is wrong...something that presents a problem.....and I wish to fix it."

He stops strolling and has everyone's attention.

"If each and every one of you write down Mario's name tomorrow at noon...this game will improve for everyone, and you will ALL be guarenteed a much better existance within these walls...."


"Peach.....Peach....can I talk to you in private for a moment?" asks Mario, tapping Peach just before noon, as they sit in the parlor.

Peach, who is staring at Captain Falcon dreamily, suddenly remembers where she is and nods, following Mario from the room.  Fox, watching from nearby, quietly slips over to a sulking Donkey Kong, who is sitting on the sofa.  He quickly sits down next to him and slides close, making sure no one is within ear shot.

"Pst....DK," he hisses.

"What do you want?" growls Donkey, not looking at him.

"I want someone out of this house," answers Fox.  "And his name is Mario."

Donkey Kong is surprised, but does not show it.  His face remains a frown.

"I don't care," he growls.  "Now leave me alone."

"Now look, DK," hisses Fox.  "I have a masterplan, and it revolves around taking out the guys responsible for the vote against your girlfriend two days ago."

DK perks up at this, but still frowns as he turns to face Fox.

"You had a hand in her vote, didn't you!" he accuses, through gritted teeth.

"I did," admits Fox.  "But I only did it so I wouldn't look suspicious--I was setting up my plan for this week, in which *we* enact revenge upon them."

"Keep talking," growls Donkey Kong, softening slightly and listening intently.

"The plan is simple--I will nominate you and Mario."

"Why me?" whines DK.

"You've been sulking around all over, man!" laughs Fox, quickly softening his voice again.  "You've been...like...the bad news parade all over this place!  If I nominate you, it'll look completely natural, trust me."

"Alright," grumbles DK.  "But how can I trust that you aren't just setting me up?"

"Because I held a meeting last night," answers Fox.  "And the majority of this house is voting against Mario.  You and I could go far, bro...anyways, keep it in mind--I'm on your side."


"So the plan is to vote for Donkey Kong," finishes Mario, to a surprised Peach.  "It's me, you, Yoshi, Link, Fox, Samus, Zelda, and Impa--we're taking out Donkey Kong, then we'll move on to greater threats.  You.....ARE.....in, right?"

Peach is visibley shocked, due to having heard only hours earlier a riveting speech by Fox completely opposing such a plan, but she nods quickly and swallows any words she considers saying.

"Of course," she answers, finally.

"Great.  Just vote for Donkey Kong," says Mario, patting her shoulder tenderly and leading her back out to the parlor, as the clock strikes, signifying noon.

The group assembles and sits down--Fox begins to speak.

"Well, everyone, it's time again to evict another resident," he sighs, acting genuinely reluctant.  "Being Head of the House Hold, it's my job to choose the nominations--I've given this matter lots of long, hard hours of thought now...."

He glances at Mario, who is smiling confidently at him, and catches Yoshi's eye; he nods ever so slightly before continuing.

"....and I've decided to nominate Donkey Kong and Mario."

Everyone is shocked, as it would appear, and Link cannot help but smile--the plan has definately gone through, and the group is stunned.

"I nominate Donkey Kong because he has been incredibly lazy and done nothing but mope around recently," says Fox, but Donkey Kong only nods and looks away.  "I nominate Mario because I feel he could work a little harder...  You've heard my reasons, now it's time to vote!"

One by one, the residents enter the room to vote.  Yoshi reads his vote carefully: "Sorry, Donkey Kong, but you're worthless in almost every way at this point--if you're going to stay, then you should earn your right to, and the only right you've earned is to be dropped off at the nearest landfill."  He exits, and Donkey Kong enters shortly after, reading his vote as well: "Sorry, Mario, but somebody's gotta go, and I'm hoping for the best--let's just hope Fox is serious about this plan..."  He exits, and, several votes later, Mario enters: "Donkey Kong, you've proven to be just a worthless lump--get outa my house!"  More votes are cast before Wrinkly enters, shaking her head sadly as she writes her vote: "Mario....you seem to be a gentleman, but I can't vote against my own grandson--best of luck to you."  The final votes are cast, and Toad appears moments later with the box of votes.

"Time to read the votes," he says, opening the box and drawing them out.  "Here we go.  First vote: Donkey Kong.  Second vote: Donkey Kong.  Third vote: Mario."

Mario nods his head, assuming the vote is DK's and will be the only one.

"Two votes DK, one vote Mario.  Fourth vote: DK.  Fifth vote: Mario."

Mario is puzzled and looks around the room, wondering who voted for him.

"Sixth vote: Mario.  Seventh vote: Mario."

Mario's eyes widen, as do the eyes of his comrades.  They realize only now that the plans have been foiled by some means, and that somehow, some way, something has gone wrong.

"Eigth vote: Mario.  Ninth vote: Mario  Tenth vote: Mario.  Only four more votes.....and Mario needs them all to remain in the game."

Zelda closes her eyes, silently pleading that the last four votes read Donkey Kong.

"Eleventh vote........Donkey Kong.  Twelth vote........Donkey Kong....."

Yoshi is filled with an instant's hope, but realizes that there are still two votes to go....and both must be against DK.

"Thirteenth vote........Donkey Kong Chopchopchop..........I assume that's against DK....."

Mario is both hopeful and fearful at the same time--that vote was Impa's....who's vote is the last?

"The deciding vote.............reads like this," says Toad, turning the paper to reveal, in broad letters, Mario.  "Mario, it's Game Over for you."

A shocked Mario, surrounded by an astounded group of allies, stands and slowly exits through the main doors, never to return to the game.  A new twist has taken its path...

On the next episode of Nintendo Big Brother...
The hunt is on for the tailcoater, and not everyone is happy with the results of the vote.  A new side controls the game now, and new stratagies must be formed to keep some in the game.  One resident, in particular, will feel pangs of regret from a costly choice, and be forced to make an important decision that will directly save or destroy one or more of the other residents in the game.  Who turned on Mario?  How will the game change in the next episode?  Who will the sides come down to after the next two days?  All will be revealed on the next episode!
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