Episode 1: Personality Check
Days 1-2

Everyone is dumbfounded upon Toad's exit from Luigi's Mansion.  The room is silent for several minutes before it sinks in that the group is now a family, and as such must act like it.

"Well," says Zelda, finally.  "I guess it's probably about dinnertime, so I'll go whip something up for us!"

"That sounds fantastic," replies Fox, grinning at her as she walks by.  She smiles at him, but stops smiling as soon as she passes him.

"So.....uh......Link," begins Mario, trying to make conversation.  "What is it that you.....uh......do for a living?"

"Oh, well.....uh.....fight evil, slay monsters, save heroines, explore dungeons.....that sort of thing."

"Wow!  Fight monsters?" squeals Peach, excitedly.  "What kind of monsters?  Big, SCARY ones?"

Mario gives her a dirty look, but she doesn't notice.

"Well....let's see.....Octorocks--those are nasty octopus-like land-crawlers.....annnd Keese, which are little fanged bats......annnnd-"

Suddenly, there's a scream from inside the kitchen, and everyone jumps.

"Zelda?" calls Samus, standing up, as everyone freezes and looks towards the kitchen.  "Are you al-"

"Eeeeeeeek!  A GHOST!"

Immediately, everyone scrambles to their feet, beginning to panic.  Link unsheathes his sword and runs for the kitchen door, but Fox meets him there with a blaster out, and the two bump into each other.  Samus is right behind them as Link and Fox exchange glances of surprise at each others' quickness to be at the scene, but Fox yields and Link rushes in first.  Fox and Samus rush in after him, and Zelda is cowering in the corner with a frying pan in her hands as an eerie green ghost floats in the air in the opposite corner, chattering happily and bobbing up and down with a big, creepy smile on its face.

"Holy cow!" blurts Samus, rubbing her head in amazement, and Link quickly slashes at the ghost with his sword. 

The sword slashes right through the ghost, hitting nothing, but the ghost is startles and upset.  It babbles at Link angrily, flittering about for a second while waving its fists wildly before vanishing through the wall, out of the kitchen.  Link approaches Zelda, who is shaken.

"It's alright, he's gone now," soothes Link, helping Zelda to her feet.

"Quick little bugger...he's pretty tricky," muses Fox, rubbing his chin as he traces the ghost's route over in his mind.  "I wonder where he went.....?"

"I'm so sorry," pipes Zelda, still nervous. "I came in here and started getting pots and pans from the cupboard, when I reached for one and a ghost flew out from behind it!"

"You probably caught it napping there," answers Link, putting a hand on her shoulder.  "It's okay now."

"Is everything alright in here?" asks Captain Falcon, entering.

"Everything's fine, and I think we can all wait until tomorrow morning to grab a bite to eat," says Fox, leading everyone back out of the kitchen.  "We'll be okay for tonight."

DAY 1:

There's a piercing scream, and Mario awakens, wincing, as he hears it.  It's coming from the kitchen, and he realizes that most of his comrades are already awake, most of them sitting around the room chatting.  Everyone jumps from the sound, and Peach comes dashing out of the kitchen carrying a bowl, crying.

"Oh, no," grumbles Donkey Kong.  "Don't tell me-"

"You've seen another ghost?" asks Mario, getting up and going to Peach, who sniffles against him tearfully.

"A-a.........a BIG, GREEN one!" she blubbers.  "It had......y-y-yellow eyes, and it was l-l-laughing at me!"

"That's the same one I saw yesterday," declares Zelda, angrily.

"Those doggone ghosts just won't leave us alone!" growls Link.

"Hows about I go in there and rough it up a good bit?" sneers Bowser, making a fist.

"It takes more than a little ghoul to scare ME!" adds Ganondorf, pounding his chest.

"Why don't you stay out here, and Link and I will go in and prepare breakfast?" asks Mario, and Peach sniffles her approval.

"Just leave it to us," says Link, as Mario goes into the kitchen.  "I can make breakfasts like nobody's business!"

Peach looks up into his eyes, and stops crying.  She is suddenly very content with Link's hands on her shoulder, looking into her eyes.  She leans forwards, closer and closer to his face, and closes her eyes as she prepares for their lips to enlock.  Then-........she opens her eyes and Link has left for the kitchen already, and she turns to see everyone smirking at her, watching intently.  They begin to laugh.

"Waiting for someone, Princess?" sneers Ganondorf, as she feels dumb and turns red.

"Wanna continue with that, but wait for me to get over there?" offers Bowser, pointing at his cheek.

"Stop it!" demands Peach, turning away.


Several hours later, the door creaks open, and Toad steps inside the room.  The group is amassed in the parlor, laying about boredly.

"Hello everyone," he says, cheerfully.  "Enjoying yourselves?"

"You didn't tell us this place was full of ghosts!" accuses Zelda, rather angrily.

"You didn't tell us this place was full of wimps, either," snarls Ganondorf.

"I didn't think that would matter," answers Toad, craftily.  "Why?  Are you afraid of the ghosts?  Would you like to leave the house?"

Zelda doesn't answer, and he begins to explain the challenge.

"Today is a big day--it is your first full day together and your first official day of Nintendo Big Brother.  However, today is also the first day of something else, something doubly important as the rest of these firsts: today is your first challenge to determine your first Head of the House Hold."

"And I'm going to win," declares Bowser.

"This challenge will not be based on physical ability, but, rather, about past knowledge of this house you are in," continues Toad.  "I will ask a question, and the first person to answer correctly will receive a point.  The first person to answer three questions correctly will be your first Head of the House Hold, and if you are in that position, you ensure yourself a longer stay here, and the ability to choose someone to leave.  To answer, you must raise your hand--I will ask the person who first raises their hand for an answer.  Are you all ready?"

Everyone nods their agreement, and readiess themselves.

"Alright then--first question: who owns this mansion?"

Mario's hand goes up first, among a slew of others, and he answers correctly:


"Luigi is correct, and Mario receives one point!  Here is the next question: how many floors does this mansion have?"

Everyone is baffled.  They ponder this question, but have no answer.

"How can we know how many floors this place has?" asks Daisy, confused.  "We haven't even seen anywhere outside of this room!"

Zelda quickly thinks through a slew of answers in her head before suddenly raising her hand confidently.


"Five," answers Zelda, much to the amazement of everyone else.

"Five floors.......is correct," answers Toad, and everyone gapes at Zelda.  "How did you know?"

"The floor plans for fire escape on the wall in the kitchen," answers Zelda.

"One point for Zelda, one for Mario.  Next question: how many Boos escaped within this mansion at one time?"

There are whispers and suggestions before Fox raises his hand.

"Fifty," he answers.

"Correct.  Next question: at what time did Captain Falcon wake up this morning?"

This question throws everyone into a tizzy, but before even Captain Falcon can raise his hand, Zelda has the answer.

"Five thirty-nine, AM," she replies.

"Correct," answers Toad.

"Wait!  How would you know that?!" snarls Ganondorf, angrily.

Toad simply smiles.

"This is Nintendo Big Brother," he replies.  "And we know everything that goes on inside this house.....EVERYTHING!  Let us continue."

"Hmph!" grumbles Ganondorf, folding his massive arms.

"Mario and Fox have one point, Zelda has two and needs only one more to win.  Next question: how many candles were lit in this room when you first arrived here?"

Zelda again raises her hand, but she is so stressed to answer first that she answers incorrectly:

"Seven," she says, confidently.

"No, I'm sorry, not seven," answers Toad, making Zelda smack her head in annoyance.

Fox's hand fires up.


"Eight," answers Fox.

"And just like that, McCloud and Zelda are tied with two points apiece, each needing one more to win," says Toad.  "Let us continue: who was the last to arrive at this mansion?"

There is a scuffle of hands, and Fox's hand is up first.


"Impa," he says, proudly.

"No, I'm sorry, Impa was actually one of the first here," answers Toad.

"I was......here......very early," groans Impa, eerily.


"Wrinkly was here last," answers Zelda.

"No, I'm sorry, she was not the last," answers Toad, again.

"Sorry, child," says Wrinkly.


"Daisy was here last," Yoshi answers.

"Correct, Yoshi," says Toad.  "Yoshi and Mario have one, Zelda and Fox have two.  Here is the next question: who used the last of the toilet paper?"

It is unmistakable, the entire group raises their hands to answer, but Zelda's is first.

"Bowser," she giggles.

"I did not!" snarls Bowser, defensively.  "I left a little tab at the end!"

"No, Bowser," says Toad, with a smirk.  "You used not only all the paper, but the cardboard TUBE as well!"

Everyone gapes at Bowser, and he jumps in shock.

"YOU WATCH THAT CLOSELY?!" he roars, leaping up and down in fury.

"Zelda has reached three points first, she is the Head of the House Hold," says Toad, handing her a golden bracelet.  "This is the Power Bracelet.  I'm sure you've seen something similar on Link's wrist before.  Though this one is fake and doesn't give you strength, it does, to some degree, give you power.  By wearing this, you signify that you are the Head of the House Hold, and therefore wield immense power.  Do not take this off, lest it be stolen!  If someone else possesses it, then they will be Head instead of you."

Bowser's eyes light up, and Zelda hisses fiercely, "Don't even THINK about it!"

"Learn to get along, as tomorrow someone will be leaving.  It's time to make friends, or you'll find yourself leaving the house.  I will see you all tomorrow after you have voted, and....remember.......we're always watching you......"


As celebration for a successful first day, Fox agrees to cook steak for everyone for dinner.  Fox proves to be a great cook, as they find out at dinner.  His cooking skills are openly applauded.

"This is EXCELLENT!" exclaims Krystal, between bites.

"Really, this is just perfect!" adds Captain Falcon.

"A little on the chewy side," says Link, with a hint of a frown on his face.  "But you have cooked well, Fox."

"Thank you, everybody," says Fox, passing the plate to Daisy, who waves it away.  "Eh?  What's wrong, Daisy?"

"That meat....it looks....bloody," she grumbles, pushing away the dish.

"Blood....is good for the body and spirit," grunts Impa, causing everyone to give her nervous glances.

"Yeah, I guess it is a little pink," concedes Fox, looking over the meat meticulously.

"No way, that's red, not pink," answers back Daisy, pointing.  "Look at that piece!  It's all OOZING!"

"Where?  I don't see anything wrong with it," grumbles Ganondorf, snatching the plate.

"Uh....me neither," blurts Bowser, grabbing the plate from Ganondorf and pulling several steaks off of it for himself.  "Oh!  Here's a piece!  I'll eat that one.  Oh, and another!"

"A little undercooking never hurt anyone," says Yoshi.  "Better a bit on the raw side than over-done."

"Not this raw," snaps back Daisy.  "I'm sorry, people, but this is just intolerable!  I need something besides this to eat."

The group exchanges some glances as Daisy folds her arms defiantly.

"I think there's some vegetables in the kitchen," says Fox, finally.  "You could go make yourself a salad or something..."

"Oh, no!" snaps Daisy.  "I wasn't the one on cooking duty!  Somebody else can make dinner for tonight, I would think!"

"I already did," growls Fox, through clenched teeth as he gets up and goes to the kitchen to prepare Daisy a salad, thinking to himself all the way there.  "Just you wait, you little brat....your time will come very soon...."

Day 2

The group assembles in the parlor at about noon, after a breakfast of scrambled eggs, which Captain Falcon prepares rather poorly.  Despite a pitiful breakfast, most of the group is in high spirits as they meet to vote for the first time.

"Well, is everyone here?" asks Zelda, looking around.  "I guess so.  Then I suppose its my job to make the two nominations....."

She looks around solemnly at the group, going over all the actions she has seen from everyone over the past days before she makes her decisions.

"I nominate Daisy," she starts, surprising Daisy and slightly unnerving her, "because of her little explosion the other night.  We can't have such conflict between ourselves if we're going to survive in here for a month together."

"Okay, I understand, and I apologize to anyone I offended," offers Daisy, looking towards Fox.  "I'm just used to saying whatever I'm thinking.  I didn't really mean to hurt anyone here."

"No problem," answers Fox, but his face doesn't seem to agree with his words.

"My second nomination," says Zelda, "is Bowser, because he does very little, causes a lot of troubles, and seems to think way too highly of himself."

"WHAT?!" blurts Bowser, in disbelief.  "That's nonsense!"

"You've heard my reasons," says Zelda.  "Now it's time to vote.  I suppose I'll go vote first, then we'll go clockwise from me."

She gets up, enters the Camera Room, and shuts the door.  She grabs the note pad, pulls of a sheet of paper, and picks up the pen.  About one minute later, she leaves the room, and Samus gets up and enters the room.

"You really aren't helping us at all," she says to the camera, "and I believe you have no potential really anyways.  Getting upset so easily won't help anyone do anything.  Sorry."

She inserts her vote, marked "Daisy" into the voting box and leaves the room.  Several others vote before Daisy steps into the room, sighing, and writing Bowser on her vote.

"Not much of an option here, I guess," she says.  "I know I get mad easily, but it's my instinct, and when I get mad, I just say whatever I'm thinking.  But that's a problem I can work on--your stupidity and ignorance cannot be cured, therefore I think it's time for you to go."

Next in is Candy, who quickly writes the same name as Daisy did.

"Big, stupid Turtle Man, you remind me of ol' Rool Dude from the island," she says.  "You weird us all out with your bad jokes and negative attitude.  I don't like your vibes, man."

Several more votes are cast before the last member, Bowser, enters and grabs the pen, accidentally writing on his hand before realizing that he's holding it the wrong way.  He scribbles in his worst writing, "Daisy".

"You're goin' down, Toots, cause the King of Koopas is just so well liked by everybody here!" he snarls, laughing evilly and leaving after depositing his vote.

Minutes later, Toad enters from the Camera Room, shocking everyone.  He is holding the vote box.

"HOW'D YOU GET IN THERE?!" squawks Ganondorf, bewildered.

"I have my ways," answers Toad.  "And I also have the votes that tell who's leaving and who's staying in this game.  It's time to read them off for you."

Daisy bites her lip, and Candy rests a reassuring hand on her shoulder.  Bowser snickers loudly and gives Ganondorf a high-five.

"First vote: Bowser."

"WHAT?!" roars Bowser, his eyes bugging out.

"Second vote: Bowser."

Bowser squints at the paper, unable to believe that he has two votes against him.

"Third vote: Bowser."

"Fourth vote: Daisy."

"YEAH!  HA HA HAAAA!" roars Bowser, leaping up and down and laughing wildly at Daisy.  "LOSER!"

"Fifth vote: Bowser.  Shut up and sit down."

Bowser collapses backwards into the chair, shocked.

"Sixth vote: Daisy.  Seventh vote: Daisy.  Eight vote: Daisy.  Ninth vote: Daisy.   Tenth vote: Daisy.    Eleventh vote: Daisy.    Twelfth vote: Daisy."

Toad grabs another paper, and Daisy's heart sinks as he turns it slowly.

"The first person leaving Luigi's Mansion is.......Daisy."

Daisy sadly gets up and picks up her bags, which are lying on the floor by her feet.

"There is no reason to read the other votes--nine is enough," says Toad.  "Daisy.....it's Game Over for you.  Please exit the house."

Daisy waves a final goodbye to her friends, and everyone waves, other than Bowser and Ganondorf, who give each other another high-five, although Bowser's heart isn't in it.  The door closes, and Daisy has left the building.

"She's OUTA there!" roars Ganondorf.  "YESSS!"

On the next episode of Nintendo Big Brother.....
Alliances begin to form, and Bowser erupts from the wounds he has sustained.  When Impa's true character is revealed, it leaves everyone edgy and watching their back constantly.  Plus, new space opens for the house inhabitants as they expand themselves outwards.  How will the new rooms affect them?  What will be revealed about the other house inhabitants?  Is Impa only confused...or a threat to the safety of the house?  All will be revealed on the next episode!
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