Episode 11: The Twist
Days 20-22

"I knew Fox was lying," says Ganondorf, with a wry smirk, as he speaks to the camera.  "Link didn't make that up--Fox most undoubtedly did cut the power, then lock him down in the basement.  In truth, I find it kind of funny.  The reason I didn't help vote off Fox, then?  Simple: I'm saving him for a rainy day.  I can eliminate Fox any day I want, but Link--there's not often that you have your chance at Link's eviction, so you gotta shoot 'em as they fly, right?  Fox didn't miss his turn--I'm only waiting for a more convenient time."


Later that day, Fox comes into the Camera Room himself to speak.  His story, however, greatly contradicts Ganondorf's.

"I know what everybody thinks," says Fox, half with a smile.  "They think Link was telling the truth; they think I told them all a pack of lies.  They're positive that I'm responsible for what happened to him, how he got trapped in the basement.  But this time...they're wrong."

He breaks a wider smile.

"Oh, sure, I know what happened.  Completely.  And I knew it was going to happen, too.  I could have prevented it.  But, I ask you, why should I have?  It was in my favor!  I ENCOURAGED it to happen, as a matter of fact!  Krystal is the one they want--she cut the power and locked Link down in the basement.  I mean, of course, I'm the one who thought it up in the first place, but we decided it'd be best if she did it, since I'll take the blame, and if anybody tries to match stories up too closely, they might just realize that I was washing dishes from breakfast still when Link got trapped.  But, nobody bothered to ask who did the dishes...and most certainly, they didn't just assume that *I* did them...  I play this game against people who need a mental handicap, ladies and gentleman; not a one of them have any brains!  Together, as a team, they still only have an IQ of about three.  I run this game, and anyone who hasn't realized it yet will be going very soon..."


At two in the morning, there comes a knock at Zelda's door--she softly gets up and opens it, careful not to wake Krystal.  Yoshi whispers to her in a low voice.

"I think we need to talk--we've got some deals being made in the Parlor," he says, and she nods.

The two come down the stairs to a barely-lit parlor; already waiting are Ganondorf and Bowser.  Ganondorf has a serious, yet confident, expression, while Bowser wears an arrogant smile of excitement.  Both seem pleased to see Zelda and Yoshi.

"Right, glad you accepted the invitation," says Ganondorf, as Zelda and Yoshi sit down.  "But remember, this is maximum-secrecy!  It's strictly under-ground!  We never met tonight!"

"Yeah!" chimes in Bowser, although he has not been listening carefully at all.

"What do you guys want?" asks Zelda, somewhat annoyed. 

And yet, she thinks she might know what they want--and it could very well be beneficial to herself and Yoshi.

"We have a proposition," replies Ganondorf, smoothly.  "And it contains eliminating your furry pal and his fox-chick."

Zelda nods slowly.

"Go on."

"I'm pretty sure Fox was behind that, even though he said he wasn't," begins Ganondorf.

"So are we.  So is EVERYONE."

"You'll have to forgive me for putting my vote to Link's demise--it was purely stratagey, because I needed to get him out of the way for my own benefit."

"Why should we trust you, then?" growls Zelda.  "If you helped vote out Link, why wouldn't you help vote out us?"

"I wasn't finished!" hisses back Ganondorf.  "I left Fox...because I wanted to vote him out when the pickings were slim!  Don't look at me like that--I have NO connection or alliance to Fox at all!"

"Yeah!  Me neither!" adds Bowser.

"I know that every time someone leaves, Fox's name will probably be one of the two nominees.  It won't be hard to take him down...but we have to do so without him knowing that we're pulling together to do it, or he'll scramble.  And when Fox McCloud scrambles...bad things happen."

"I know the feeling," replies Yoshi.

"That's why this meeting is strictly taboo.  LISTEN: I'm going to help take Fox out of this game.  You have my word.  And this benefits me perhaps MORE than either of you."

"Who do you want revenge for?" asks Zelda, sarcastically.  "I've got a list."

"No revenge for me," says Ganondorf.  "But Fox stands in my way.  I don't want people more likely to win than myself, and I'll bet you don't, either!"

"So why shouldnt' I get rid of you first?" asks Zelda, intensely.

Ganondorf shrugs mischieviously.

"I dunno," he says, casually.  "Perhaps you should."

"Maybe I WILL," threatens Zelda.

"If you do that, though, you'll have no chance against Fox," reminds Ganondorf, raising a finger.  "He'll pick the two of you off like ducks in a pond.  If you want to take him'll need me and Fatso to do it."

"Yeah!  You two losers aren't strong enough to do it alone!" gloats Bowser.

Zelda glances at Yoshi, passing him a questioning look.  He nods and turns to Ganondorf.

"I believe we'd like to take up your proposition," he says, extending a hand.

Ganondorf shakes it vigorously.

"Good then," he smiles, releasing Yoshi's hand.  "Let's go to bed.  The fox hunt starts tomorrow."

Zelda and Yoshi get up to go to bed, but Ganondorf stops them before they can reach the stairs.

"Wait!" he commands, as they turn.  "One thing you must keep!"

"What's that?" asks Zelda, still suspicious of the deal.



The next day, Toad appears in the house once again for the next challenge.  Today, he carries empty containers, cylinderical in shape an open on one end.  There are seven--one for each player, undoubtedly.

"Now, I know it's not easy having managed to stay alive this long in the game," says Toad, grabbing a key.  "So I'd like to reward you with a room better than several of the last rooms you received."

He leads the group down a hall to one of the last doors still locked and inserts the key.  Immediately, the doors swing open...revealing an indoor swimming pool.  The residents are awestruck beyond words.

"Wow!" is all that Zelda can say, her eyes shimmering.

"Ooo, Fox!  There's a spa, too!" says Krystal, grabbing his hand and pointing to a hot tub in the corner.  "We could...snuggle..."

"Eh-hem..." interupts Toad, before Krystal can become more graphic about her intentions.  "This room is free for your use now--you can swim in the pool, soak in the hot tub, or tan in the tanning booth.  The only rule is to *please* keep your clothes on as best you can!"

Toad rolls his eyes, knowing exactly who he's talking to.

"What?" asks Krystal.

"And Bowser--that means no skinnydipping, either."

"Awww, NUTS!" growls Bowser, snapping a pair of large fingers.

"Now then, the challenge today is simple," begins Toad, "and yet, the stakes are very complex."

"Huh?" asks Ganondorf, as the room falls silent.

"Complex?" repeats Fox, his ears perking up.

"...explain..." requests Zelda, not sure that this is a good thing.

"Today, there will be two Heads of the House Hold," states Toad, and the group immediately lets out expressions of shock.  "The first- and second-place finishers in today's challenge will both be immune from eviction tomorrow.  Furthermore, BOTH will choose two nominations for eviction."

The group exchanges nervous glances.

"Oh...and one more thing," says Toad, with a sly smile as he receives nervous looks from the group.  "...that means that two people are leaving tomorrow, not one."

Everyone is shocked beyond words.  Nobody knows how to react.  But, the more people leaving at once, the worse the odds are of staying in the game.  Most of the group realizes this immediately, and they try to focus as best they can on the instructions to the challenge, hoping against all odds to be one of the two Heads of the House Hold this time.

"As I said, the game is simple," repeats Toad, holding up the container for the first time.  "Every one of you will receive a container.  Each container will be filled up with water.  When the game begins, a plug in the bottom will be pulled out, and you will have to attempt to plug the hole and keep as much water as possible from escaping.  As the game progresses, new holes will develop, and you'll then have to try to keep your water loss minimized while dealing with more and more problems.  As soon as the water drains from your container, you're out of the game, and will have a four-out-of-five chance of being nominated tomorrow...and a one-out-of-five chance of being evicted."

No odds have ever sounded worse.  This is definately not a challenge to lose.

"The last two people with water in their container will be the winners," continues Toad.  "Those two will nominate two residents each for eviction--they cannot choose the same member.  That means that four of you will be nominated tomorrow, two of you will be immune, and one person will be the lucky soul to escape being nominated by either Head of the House Hold.  Do you all understand?"

There's a shudder from many of the players, but they nod and slowly prepare for the game.

"I will come around with a container for each of you.  Do not spill your water, or you'll be at a disadvantage before we even start, or possibly eliminated!"

Toad hands out the containers, each filled nearly to the brim with water.

"When I say go, the hole in the bottom will start losing water. You cannot touch the bottom until after I say go.  Does everyone understand?"

Even Bowser has no questions.

"Bowser, I'm surprised--two challenges in a row, and no dumb questions from you!" remarks Toad.

"Well, you know, I try to space them out a little, so I don't run out," answers Bowser, seriously.


Immediately, water begins spilling out of every player's container through a hole in the bottom.  Everyone clamps a hand, and the water slows to a trickle, minimizing water loss.

"It looks like Fox was quickest to clamp a hand over the leak," announces Toad, "but he's not stopping it very well.  Zelda appears to be in the lead!"

Zelda shoots a smug glance at Fox, who is frantically trying to plug the hole.  He jams a finger in, and the water stops almost completely.

"Fox PLUGS the hole to almost a near-fit!" announces Toad, as Fox catches up to Zelda.

"Hey...that works pretty good!" mutters Bowser, taking his own clawed finger and ramming it into the bottom of his container.

Instead, however, of plugging the hole, Bowser's claws tear a bigger hole into the bottom, and the water spills out rapidly onto the floor.

"No!  Bowser!" grunts Ganondorf.

"MAKE IT STOP!  GAH!" roars Bowser, angrily trying to smother the hole with his hand.

"Bowser, rapidly losing water," notes Toad.  "He might be the first to lose it all, if he doesn't close that hole!"

"Oh!" cries Zelda, as a second hole suddenly springs in her container, higher up. 

"Zelda, with a second hole," shouts Toad, as a second also pops loose in Fox's container.  "Fox just got a second hole!"

"There.  I think I've got this hole pretty much closed up," muses Captain Falcon, to himself, as he finally jams the hole in his container closed.

The water stops leaking out of his, and he quickly takes the lead.

"Captain Falcon takes the lead!" cries Toad, excitedly.

Then, without warning, Falcon's container tears right down the side, and every ounce of water within it splatters out through the crack, draining completely onto the floor--he stares blankly at it, his hands still clamping the hole in the bottom shut.

"...Captain Falcon...loses the lead..." sighs Toad, no longer excited.  "And the game."

"Hey, Falcon?  Whatcha keeping in that thing?" laughs Bowser, as Captain Falcon takes away his hands from the hole and drops the empty container on the floor--Bowser springs a second leak in his own container and frantically attempts to close it.

"Bowser, with a second leak!" says Toad, as Zelda finally finds a way to clamp both hands over both holes, effectively cutting the water loss dramatically.  "Zelda's just found a way to keep some extra water!"

"Oh, shoot!" whines Krystal, as a second hole pops in her container, adding to an already-troublesome draining problem.

"Krystal's not long for this game," notes Toad, looking over at Yoshi.  "Wow!  Yoshi's found the magic method!"

Yoshi, with three different holes already in his container, has each hole covered with a seperate finger, somehow completely blocking escaping water still.  A fourth leak springs, and he fires out his tongue and wraps it over the hole immediately, blocking the water's escape.

"Gah!" growls Fox, as a third leak springs in his own.

He coils an arm around it, covering two of the leaks, then plants his palm over the third.

"Bowser's is almost drained out," comments Toad, as Bowser desperately tries to hold in the last of his water.

A sudden third leak springs in it, and the last of his water spews out onto the floor.

"Bowser is eliminated!"

"ARGH!  I HATE THIS GAME!" roars Bowser, hurling his container across the room, where it smashes apart against a wall.

"Yoshi, Fox, Krystal, Ganondorf, and Zelda are left still!" says Toad.  "Two of them will be Head of the House Hold--three will not."

"Crud!" snarles Ganondorf, as he springs a third leak finally and wrestles with his container to find a way to block its escape.

"Ganondorf is having troubles finding a way to block that third leak," states Toad, looking around at the other competitors.  "Fox has five leaks going at once!  Wow!"

Fox, with his arms wrapped around the container in strange positions, has also planted the side of his face against the container, blocking the fifth hole.

"Yoshi, how many have you got?" asks Toad, casually.

"Haven't counted," answers Yoshi, as best he can.  "Everytime one springs, I cover it up before I can think twice."

"Oh, no!  NO!" squeals Zelda, as a sudden fourth hole explodes out of her own container, draining it significantly before she can stuff a hand over it.

"Zelda takes a bad hit," says Toad, looking down the line as Krystal's last drops of water slip out a crack she has not noticed yet.  "And Krystal is out of the game!"

"What?!" screeches Krystal, turning her container around to see the crack.  "Agh!  Darn it!"

"Four people left, half of them are winners," says Toad, as Yoshi springs another hole--one that he is having troubles covering.  "Yoshi, you've got another hole."

"I know!" grunts Yoshi, trying to find a way to cover it.

"How are you going to get to it?"

"I'm still working on that," he answers, but there doesn't appear to be any way he can close the hole, as it drains even more water.

"Ganondorf springs a fourth--Ganondorf, you've done pretty well over the past few minutes--I've barely seen any water go out of yours!"

"Let's keep it that way!" replies Ganondorf, moving the container enough to barely cover the new hole with his elbow.

Yoshi shifts a hand, revealing an old hole.  He uses his newly-freed hand to clamp over the last hole he has developed, and quickly stretches a foot up to put over the uncovered hole, once again containing his water.

"Yoshi's starting to struggle," comments Toad, as Yoshi begins to sweat.  "Zelda, also having a tough time!"

Zelda springs a sixth leak, and she quickly lets go of one whole side of the container just to reach for the new hole.  The container slips from her wet fingers and smashes apart on the ground, spilling its water out.

"Zelda is history!" shouts Toad, as Zelda drops in despair.  "Ganondorf, Fox, and Yoshi are competing for the two Head of the House Holds still available!"

Fox grits his teeth and hugs his container hard against himself as a new leak springs--his nineth.

"Fox is covering a whopping nine leaks now!" shouts Toad, as Fox struggles.  "He isn't looking so good..."

"Drat!" hisses Ganondorf, overwhelmed by an nineth of his own.

"Ganondorf also has a nineth leak!" cries Toad.  "Everyone is pretty close!  And Yoshi has-...."

Yoshi glances at Toad as best he can--his container is stuffed into his mouth, and he is holding all the water in.

"Yoshi, I need to be able to see your container.  Please pull it out of your mouth," commands Toad, and Yoshi gingerly plans out his move.

Zelda takes in a deep, worried breath as Yoshi carefully plants his first hand and begins to pull the container out--a hole becomes visible, but there is no water draining out of it.

"No water coming out of that hole...does he have anything left?" asks Krystal, hoping he doesn't.

"Keep pulling," says Toad, as Yoshi draws the container out further.

Another hole--still not water.  A third even.  Zelda bites her lip.

"Yarg!" blurts Fox, as he springs his TENTH leak--he has no way of reaching this one, and tries to tilt the container at an angle which will minimize the damage it causes him.

Yoshi plants both hands around the base of his container and pulls it from his mouth--there is a small portion of water remaining in the bottom still.

"Yoshi lives on!" says Toad, as Fox loses water faster still.  "Fox is on the verge of losing!"

"Not if I can help it!" says Krystal, suddenly planting a hand over Fox's extra hole, covering up his leak.

"HEY!" shouts Zelda, furiously.  "She can't do that!"

"Oh, crap!" blurts Ganondorf, as another hole springs, this one just out of reach.  Within a brief moment, the last of his water drains onto the floor, and Ganondorf is out.

"The Heads of the House Hold have been decided!" exclaims Toad, as Yoshi drops his container in relief and Fox tosses his away--and immediately embraces for a long kiss with Krystal.

"That was completely unfair!" steams Zelda, stomping up to Toad.  "Krystal helped cover Fox's container!  He would've lost if she hadn't helped!"

"Technically, she didn't break any rules," concedes Toad.  "I never said it was illegal to help cover someone's container.  I kind of wish I had now, though..."

"Well that's just GREAT," retorts Zelda, fuming.


That evening, Fox and Krystal relaxe alone in the hot tub together.

"It's so quiet..." says Krystal, as Fox puts an arm around her.  "It feels like we're the only people in the house!"

"They're all too busy trying to find a way to get rid of us to have a little fun," replies Fox, pulling Krystal a little closer.

"Wouldn't it be have the house all to ourselves?"

"Final two, you mean?"

"Oh...well, sure, I suppose."

"Awww, Krystal.." Fox murmurs, disappointed.  "You didn't think I was planning on taking anyone but you to the Final Two, did you?  Come on!"

"No, no, that wasn't it at all," says Krystal, breaking a slight smile.  "It's just that...I wasn't exactly thinking inside this game still..."

"Oh..." is all that Fox can say.  "I've not really even thought about outside the game since we got here."

"It's just have such strong arms..."

Fox grins with a cocked eyebrow.

"I have strong arms?  And that's why you think outside of the game?"

Krystal lets go of his arm, pretending to be insulted.

"No!" she laughs.  " know, Fox, I think we were meant for each other."

Fox has no words, but he pulls her close and hugs her.  They embrace for a moment, then their lips lock.  For possibly the first night of the game, there is no storm outside.


Ganondorf quickly draws his forces together, acting swiftly; he is feeling a little nervous himself, and his all the more desperate to see that his plans go underway correctly.

"Alright, so Fox is safe for tomorrow," he says, pacing past Zelda and Yoshi.  "That was unfortunate.  But we still have a shot at Krystal."

"That's still only one person," reminds Captain Falcon, truly thinking ahead in the game for the first time.  "We need a second.  And if that second person is going to be me, I don't want any part of this plan."

"We don't need you, Falcon; you can join forces with the enemy, and it'd make no difference."

"Wait!" interupts Yoshi, putting up a hand to silence everyone.

He turns to Captain Falcon.

"I have no intention of nominating you tomorrow, Captain," he says, assuredly.  "I believe you have too many assets to just shuffle out of the game now.  I think you'll be a valuable ally."

"Valuable--ha!" sneers Bowser.

"On the CONTRARY," growls Yoshi, turning towards Bowser, "I plan on nominating Bowser as my second nominee tomorrow."

"WHAT?!" bellows Bowser, blowing steam out his nose.

"Why go after Fatso?  What's he ever done to you?" asks Ganondorf, a little disappointed that Yoshi plans on taking out his friend rather than the loner.

"Yeah!  What's Fatso ever done to you?" whines Bowser.

"I don't think Bowser is a very good ally--he's definately not going to try to stay loyal to anyone but himself.  Not even YOU, Ganondorf."

Ganondorf is taken aback--he knows that Yoshi's words are true, but he's never actually thought this far ahead.  There's deep silence while he chokes this down.

"He's right," says Zelda, finally.  "I think it's safer to nominate Bowser than it is to nominate Captain Falcon.  The Captain will be more helpful to us, I believe, than Bowser."

Ganondorf still cannot say anything.  Bowser begins to cry.

"Awww, C'MON, you guys!  I don't wanna go yet!"

"Now look, Bowser," says Yoshi, becoming more and more of the leader every second that passes, "Just because you're nominated doesn't mean you'll be evicted!  There's four nominees total--only two leave.  You've got a 50% chance of sticking around, depending on whom Fox chooses."

Bowser sniffles a little, but Ganondorf is still lost in thought, unable to say much of anything.

"Alright, it looks like we've got things ironed out here," says Yoshi, looking around at the others.  "Falcon, you're safe from the nominations--at least, from us.  Meeting adjurned, everyone."


Voting time comes, and Fox and Yoshi sit on the same sofa, facing the other residents.  Neither look too happy to be sitting next to the other.

"You wanna do nominees first?" asks Fox.

"Yeah, sure," replies Yoshi.  "My first nominee is Krystal.  I believe that Krystal lies and deceives, supports bad decisions, and has been partially responsible for several of the "mishaps" that have occurred over the past few days."

A dead beat of silence.  Krystal squints coldly.

"Oh...that's interesting," she says, finally.

"My second nominee is Bowser," continues Yoshi, "because I believe he has no intentions to further anyone's game but his own, rarely does work, and often causes trouble."

"Yeah, yeah, let's get this over with," growls Bowser.

Yoshi sits down, and Fox stands up to speak.

"I'll now announce my nominations for eviction," he says, looking around the room.  "My first nomination is Zelda."

Zelda glowers--she has seen this coming from a mile away.

"Zelda, who possesses the Triforce of Wisdom, should be wise beyond words and undoubtedly the smartest in the game."

He then says flatly to her, "What happened, Zelda?"

"You piece of filth!" she snaps, as he smirks confidently.

"You've made so many bad decisions, I'm tempted to think you might possess the Triforce of Stupidity.  You try effortlessly to fight and claw your way around having your little friends be voted out, and you complain after nearly every challenge!  It's all well and good to appreciate your fellow residents, but once they're out of the house, they should be out of your mind.  Because you can't seem to think in current times, I think you should be given free reign to go join the little friends you so dearly miss."

A curse.  A plague.  A plague on both their houses.  Zelda wishes she could destroy Fox right then and there.  And, of course, the equally-pleased Krystal, who is all smiles.

"My second nomination is for Ganondorf," says Fox, and Ganondorf lowers his head.  "Because Ganondorf, as Yoshi so well described about Bowser, is "in it for himself"--he's not playing to help anyone.  He just wants to win...and get rid of everyone he can along the way."

"That's not true," says Ganondorf, without raising his head.

"Why?  If it weren't, then you would've been voted out long ago, right?  You wouldn't have switched sides numerous times, right?  You would have made alliances, RIGHT?"

Ganondorf refuses to answer, so Fox smiles a victorious grin and continues.

"Ganondorf stirs up trouble between the various residents quite often, yet he rarely tries to strengthen bonds--and I believe relationships are everything in this house."

He sits down, and Yoshi gets up.

"I guess I'll go vote first," he says. 

The votes are all cast, then Toad appears to tally them up.  Few people are smiling in the room anymore.

"Each vote has two names; the two names that show up the most, will be the two people leaving," says Toad, taking the first vote.  "First vote: Zelda and Ganondorf."

The writing is slowly becoming more recognizable.

"That's Krystal's," hisses Zelda, unable to be heard by anyone but Yoshi, who nods.

"Second vote: Zelda and Ganondorf."

"Fox's," whispers back Yoshi.

"Third vote: Bowser and Krystal."

The writing is unrecognizable.

"Fourth vote: Bowser and Krystal.  Tied with two votes a piece are Zelda, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Krystal.  We have three votes remaining."

He pulls the fourth and reveals it.

"Zelda and Cristal.  Despite how it's spelled."

"Bowser's" Zelda and Yoshi whisper to each other, simultaneously.

"Zelda and Krystal are tied with three a piece.  Two votes left."

The next vote is revealed.

"Ganondorf and Krystal."

The final vote is pulled, and shown.

"The last vote..."

He checks it, then turns it over.  It reads "Ganondorf and Krystal"  Ganondorf's heart falls.

"The two evicted players are Ganondorf and Krystal."

Krystal clutches to Fox, and they kiss.  Ganondorf takes up his bag, not looking at anyone but Toad.

"I'm sorry.  It's Game Over for you."

Ganondorf nods his head and walks out the door.  Fox and Krystal are still kissing.

"Time to break it up," says Toad, stepping forward as Fox releases Krystal.  "Krystal, it's Game Over for you."

Krystal nods, giving Fox one last kiss before taking her bag and exiting the house.

Bowser looks around.


On the next episode of Nintendo Big Brother...
A change in plans might just change the flow of the game, as every player will need to start looking outside the usual suspects for allies.  With only five players remaining in the house, daring ventures must be made to keep safe; some players can no longer be trusted, while some other players will have to be trusted.  With only three episodes and seven days remaining, the most vital time to make good friends has reered its head.  Who can be trusted?  Will past alliances mean anything still?  What two will make it to the end...and, ultimately, who will be the sole resident of Luigi's Mansion?  All will be revealed in the next episode!
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