Cast List
Birdo: Shy, affectionate, and generally kind and sweet to everyone, Birdo only wishes to make friends, find true love, and live happily ever after.  An optimist by nature, she rarely complains about anything, and though her physical strength is lacking, she is a capable mental player.

Bowser: King of the Koopas, Bowser is big, brash, and bold, with no remorse for his actions or any explanation, either.  Usually he's out to cause trouble or get a laugh out of someone else's plight, but on occasion his brute strength comes in handy.  His mental game is lost someplace within the space between his ears...

Candy: Donkey Kong's girlfriend and the ape version of a valley girl, Candy is what many might consider a hippie: generally optimistic, with a crooked lingo identifiable to many, understood by few.  She tends to rely on her sources, rather than mental or physical aspects, and she really doesn't care for alliances and rivalries.

Captain Falcon: The most victorious F-Zero pilot in history and a very successful bounty hunter, Captain Falcon is physically strong and carries a positive attitude with him at all times.  His disarming, slightly charming personality is a catch to women, but he's a bit of a dunce when it comes to talking intelligently; he doesn't often have a plan.

Daisy: Rather loud and obnoxious at times, Daisy is quick to offer her opinion and is what some may consider a natural leader.  She has a plan for every situation and knows just how she wants things, but isn't always patient about having to explain herself or wait for feedback.  She speaks her mind freely and generally does not regret doing so.

Donkey Kong: A bit slow mentally and rather lazy, DK would much rather hang out with his girlfriend Candy than put his brute strength to good use in the house.  He's more of a party animal; looking for fun comes first, finding work to be done comes after.  A procrastinator by and large, Donkey Kong can be a devious thinker at times.

Fox McCloud: Leader of Star Fox and one of the best Arwing pilots in the galaxy, Fox McCloud knows an adventure when he sees it!  Physically a threat and an outright genius, Fox is a very strong competitor and is respected among everyone.  He especially likes using his charm and appeal with the women, whom adore him.

Ganondorf: King of the Gerudos and just as much trouble as Bowser, Ganondorf appreciates a good practical joke--as long as it isn't on him--and never misses a chance for a great insult.  He is more careful than Bowser, however, and plays a meaner mental game than many of the more serious players even; he's cutthroat, and will make risky moves to get ahead in the game...

Impa: A Sheikah that has worked with Princess Zelda, Impa is a bit strange in most ways; taller than most of the other characters, possessing a strange speech pattern, and having an odd fascination with disturbing topics tends to put Impa on the outside of most rings.  She doesn't seem to realize, or else care; more often, she's in her own world...

Krystal: Beautiful, spunky, and a natural competitor, Krystal is in it to win it every hour of every day.  A physically strong player and a mental threat, few actually know what she's concocting inside her innocent-looking head.  She's very much aware of her beauty and is willing to use it as a weapon to gain leverage in the game.

Link: Hero of Time and the constant protector of Hyrule, Link is used to being in uncomfortable circumstances.  His tough, take-no-prisoners personality and wry sense of humor are both welcomed and discouraged by the other players, and he often comes off as cruel or uncaring, when in actuality, he just doesn't tend to show emotions.

Mario: Super Mario is, as always, a jack-of-all-trades, ace of none.  Though he is both mentally and physically average, he often "goes with the flow" and is not very good at all at playing the leader.  His trust is sometimes misplaced, and he falls victim to many bad decisions; he is constantly biting off more than he can chew...

Peach: Mario's girlfriend and princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is constantly on the lookout for good-looking men, often the rough, tough "bad boys", rather than nice Mario.  Mario is constantly trying to do what's best for her.  Peach is not a very big player on any side of the board, but rather relies on others.

Samus Aran: Intergalactic bounty hunter, it's a bit hard to believe that she's never crossed paths with Captain Falcon.  Samus is very strict, bold, and tough; "hard-boiled" might even fit well.  She is very strong and smart, but is sometimes so strict that she can be hard to warm up to enough to build a friendship or alliance with.  Something of a lone wolf...

Wrinkly: Donkey Kong's grandmother, Wrinkly is a wise, energetic old lady with a lot of fire in her.  She is very much aware of the relationship her grandson has with Candy, and is constantly invading it, ensuring that it is "of proper order for a young couple."  Despite this tendency, she is very sweet and caring, and offers wise advice.

Yoshi: A positive thinker by nature and a careful player within the game, Yoshi is a happy-go-lucky guy who tends to stay in everyone's good books, despite having little to do with many.  He makes sure not to burn his bridges behind him, and plays completely honest--to the point where it sometimes comes back to bite him later...

Zelda: Princess of Hyrule, and very much opposite the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Zelda is, like Samus, disgusted by Peach and her desperate-for-a-guy attitude; although she often notices other player's faults and mistakes, she never points them out to others and is very careful.  Her unmatched intelligence makes her a threat.
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