We are a group of musicians from the andes mountains of South America.We represent the new generation of the Inca culture and through our music we itend to spread and introduce to other cultures the traditions we have inherited from our ancesters.

In our performance, we play a variety of Andean instrumaets. These instruments include the zampona (Panpipes, made of bamboo), Rondador (Harmonic panflute native to Ecuador), Quenas (flutes in various sizes and keys), Charango (a small ten string Guitar from Peru), Chajchas (Percussion instruments made from goat or sheep hooves),and Bombo (a drum made of wood and Goatskin), We also play western Insruments such as Guitar and Violin. Our music is mainly instrumental and is enjoyed by people of all ages.Click
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The band Ninos De Los Andes was founded in 1997 by lead musician and composer, Rosita Apaza Marchaqa since it was formed  we have made three albums. Since then we have completed another album this year called "Espiritu Inka". (Spirit of the Inkas) There are currently 24 members in the band and we are available for private functions and large events. We are a traditional band from Peru. We make our own instruments. Orders Welcome!!
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Rosita Apaza Marchaqa- Founder

Rosita is from an area near Cusco  called Q'ero. She has deep Indian roots and her music reflects this with vocals in Quechua. She is the founder and spirit behind Ninos De Los Andes. With her everlasting energy and commitment to the band. She has recorded on every album with us. At the moment she is in Reigate, England recording vocals for our next  Album Intiq Churin. (Children of the Sun) the album is due for completion in March 2003.
Instruments: Quena, Quenacha. Charango, Toyos, Panpipe, Vocals & Panflute
            The Band
            Ninos De Los Andes
Carlos Moreno de Vasquez- Vocalist
Carlos is from Lima, Peru and joined the band in 1999. Originally he came to England to study. He is now on tour in Cusco playing music with a smaller group of musicians from the band. The samaller band is called "Espiritu Inka" (Spirit of the Inkas). He will return to England in April 2003. Carlos will be touring with Ninos De Los Andes from the 24th of April to the 15th of June 2003. Tour Dates and locations to be confirmed.
Instruments: Bombo, Quenacho, Electronic Percussion
Charango: A string instrument that developed as a result of Spanish influence. The Charango is a direct descendant from the lutes brought to the Andes in the Sixteenth century. Sometimes made with the shell of an Armadillo, the Charango uses ten strings (five pairs) and is usually tuned in open A minor. the strings are normally tuned G, C, E A, E.( the second E being an octave higher than the first one) There are many different rythums and styles in which the Charango can be played.
        The Instruments
Fernando in 1998
Zampona or Panpipe: The Panpipe has two separate rows of pipes open at one end and closed at the other, with each row containing every other note of the musical scale. Usually, there is a row of six pipes, called the ira, and one of seven, known as the arca. The pipes are held in place by two or more straps, also made of cane, running across the width of the instrument, and by threads or cloth braided between the pipes and attached to the straps.
Created by: Ninos De Los Andes/ R. Apaza Marchaqa Y Chano Morella
Last updated: 16 Dec 2002
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