This is the letter written in a childish hand by Lisa McNee. Spellings and grammar are Ms McNee's. The 'homeowner' referred to herein is Bill Harboard.

PO Box 9

14 June, 2001

To Judge Harding,

I am writing this letter, to voice my concerns over three people, who will soon appear before you charged with burglary.

These three people; Danuiel Clark, Faron Lowry and Karl Hillier travelled 350 kilometers to seek out the owner of the house, I live in.

They told the front neighbour, they had come to sort the owner of the house that I live in, out, because he had supposedly stolen all of Mr Clark's cannibus.

If the owner had live in the house as Mr Clark thought, then these thre would be before you on 'Home Invasion' charges.

From what I hear, Mr Clark was randomly stopped in Te Awamutu, sometime in February by the Police and was found to be in possession of a large amount of cannibus. It appears that's where Mr Clark's canibus ended up.

I was Mr Clark's girlfriend for 3 1/2 years and in that time, I watched him lie and manipulate situations to his benefit. Mr Clark is prepared to tell unbeleavable lies, to get his own way.

On entering the house, Mr Clark realised I lived there and then burgled me.

It's obvious Mr Clark has hired these hitmen, Karl Hillier and Faron Lowry to hurt the homeowner.

There is more to this case, than just burglary, it has beome to scarry to live in the house. So I am forced from my home, I am now afraid of the dark, I have trouble sleeping, I feel like a nervous wreck, and I am constantly on edge.

If these three, get away with the burglary, I think it will give them the confidence to carry on Mr Clark's vendetta against the home owner.

I know this has had terrible effects on my Life and I can only imagine what it's doing to the owner of the house.

it is true that Mr Clark uses Cannibus for mdical reasons but this only amounts to approximately I gram per day.

Mr Clark had problems with his bowelcare, last time he went to Jail but this can easily be overcome by providing him with his toilet/shower commode and some suppositories.

Its even affected my work, as my shift involves some night work. I have serious concerns for my safety. Please loo at this matter seriousily.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa McNee

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