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A soldier that has adminastered from a grunt to officer.  A degree in law and minor in accounting.  Most of his life is busy in the station of deployments and not always of fair predictions of the future.  At this time Nino is on loan for the Centralized Intelligence Agency.  He is not totally aware of what he's supposed to do just that he is to investigate whatever lands on his desk.  He doesn't take this new job with much care for he sees it as a joke compared to what he has done.

Nino is in his late thirties, brown hair, green eyes with a gold rim around the pupil of his eyes, fair build, rough looking, sad eyes, and thin air, and pearl white teeth that are almost show an appearance of being sharpened.  Nino keeps most of his time wokring but enjoys reading, hanging out with his friends at the bar, going for a run or working out, playing the piano, horse back riding, and intese outdoor work

Nino is divored without children.  He has a few cousins and a sister but they haven't kept in touch.

Most of the people Nino is friends with he has out lived.  The others range greatly to intense to laid back.  His saying is "carry on"

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