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Arashi Summer concert 2002 will be start between Aug,6 - Sep,8.... 


       会場              公演日 / 開演時間

大阪城ホール         8/6(火)      14:00   18:00 

          Osaka Jou-Hall                                 8/ 7(水)     12:00    16:00

  札幌真駒内屋外競技場          8/11(日)     18:00

さいたまスーパーアリーナ     8/17(土)     18:00 

          Saitama Super Arena                       8/18(日)     17:00

広島グリーンアリーナ                 8/20(火)      18:00 

         Hiroshima Green Arena                   8/21(水)      12:00   16:00

  仙台グランディ21                          8/23(金)      18:00 

         Sendai Branbey 21                           8/24(土)     12:00     16:00

名古屋レインボーホール            8/27(火)      14:00     18:00 

         Nagoya Rainbow Hall                     8/28(水)      12:00     16:00

  マリンメッセ福岡                         9/7(土)        18:00 

           Marine Mess Fukuoka                  9/8(日)        16:00


Kazama Shunsuke and Makino Koji (FIVE) will be study Economic in the same university this 2002 semester ...... Omedetou~~

Arashi new single will be release on April, 17 2002.... name is " ナイスな心意気 " <naisu na kokoroiki>  price is 525 Yen.... This single name mean.... nice spirit  

Oricon chart top 100 of 2001 ...Arashi got ranking 48 From single "Jidai" and got ranking 59 from single "Kimi no tameni boku ga iru" .... 

Omedetou~~ 1 st on Oricon daily single ranking  .... 

Arashi will be join Utaban TBS TV on Feb,7 2002
Arashi will be sing new single " a Day in Our Life " on Music station 25 Jan , Feb.1 , Feb.8  
On Jan,11  Takkey(19) & Tsubasa(20) & Sho(19) went to Meiji Temple for celebrate 20 years old ... Sakamoto Masayuki(V6) took them to temple ne~~ ...this is tradition for all Johnny's group will go to Meiji Temple at Shibuya every new year when they 20 years old ... but this year is special cuz Takkey and Tsubasa still are member of Jr. .... but they go this year because this year Takkey and Tsubasa will have solo debut ne~~ omedetou~~~ ......

Last year Higashiyama Noriyuki(Shonen tai) took Ohno Satoshi (Arashi) and Okada junichi(V6) to Meiji Temple.

Winter concert VDO will be release around Late March or Early April ne~~ 
  New Single will be release on feb.6,2002 name is " a Day in Our Life " with new company " J-Storm...ジェイ。ストーム ". Price of this single is 525 (including tax). This single main rap part is Matsujun wow !!! changed from Sho-kun ne~ ... J-Storm said they will try to keep about price for Arashi single not only this single, but for another single of Arashi when stay with J-Storm because all of Arashi fan are children.... And this year Arashi will have more CD release more than the past.

Arashi winter concert at Osaka Jou-Hall hole on 7 days. 175000 people are mobilized in all the 13 performances. 

At Yokohama Arena Arashi appeared with Tuxedo suits and sang Jidai ,Typhoon Generation and 23 songs.  15000 people are mobilized in the performance.


Takkey & Tsubasa Johnny's Jr. Spring Concert 2002 
Concert Hall  Date Time

Osaka Jou-Hall

3/29(金) 17:30
3/30(土) 14:00
3/31(日) 14:00

Nagoya rainbow hall

4/13(土) 17:30
4/14(日) 12:00

Yokohama Arena

5/3(金・祝) 17:00
5/4(土・祝) 14:00
5/5(日) 12:00
5/6(月・祝) 12:00

Yeah!!  I can go to see Jr. concert at Osaka ne~~ so happy ne~ 

Ohno Satoshi ( 大野  )& Yokoyama Yu ( 横山  ) will have stage performance together is "青木さん家の奥さん" theme about 6 mans work in whisky shop 
Okada Jinichi ( V6 ) and Sakurai Sho ( Arashi ) will have drama together next year on Jan.18,2002 name is " Kisarazu cats eye ... 木更津キャッツアイ" OA on TBS channel. This is first drama that Jinichi will be main character ne~~ .
Aiba, Ohno and Sho will be join " Shonen taiya " on '2002 Jan.8-15-22-29 FUJI TV
嵐  will have new TV show name is " 真夜中の嵐 " < Ma yonaka no Arashi > on air on NTV on 00.45 a.m start on October,3 2001. 

          *** 1 st   桜井           Sakurai Sho

          *** 2 nd 相葉  雅紀      Aiba masaki

          *** 3 rd  松本           Matsumoto Jun

          *** 4 th 大野           Ohno Satoshi

          *** 5 th 二宮  和也      Ninomiya kazunari

          *** 6 th 松本           Matsumoto Jun

          *** 7 th  桜井  翔           Sakurai Sho

          *** 8 th  大野           Ohno Satoshi

          *** 9 th  相葉  雅紀       Aiba Masaki

          *** 10 th 二宮  和也     Ninomiya kazunari

          *** 11 st  桜井  翔           Sakurai Sho


Yamashita Tomohisa



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Drama story : Kisarazu Cats Eye  (23.01.2002)

Arashi & Jr. 's song : Arashi new single " a Day in Our Life "  (3.23 mins)  uploaded !!!  (2.02.2002)

Arashi & Jr. 's song : Kokoro no kagami  re-uploaded!!! (9.02.2002)

Arashi & Jr. 's song : Private hearts uploaded!!! (28.02.2002)

Arashi & Jr. 's song : Kimi to bokuni 6 kagetsu , pray uploaded!!! (2.03.2002)



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