Building the Human - Computer Interface

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Motivation of the Project:


Merkle is a leading database marketing agency, which offers quantitative, information-based marketing solutions by providing the necessary framework for organizations to aggressively apply database marketing strategies to their marketing programs. Merkle currently has approximately 700 employees. In order to keep the employees motivated, Merkle regularly gives away awards to its employees. Some of these awards are given on a monthly basis and some like the Chairmanís (BMW Winner) which is given to the employee with greatest overall impact to Merkle are given away on an annual basis. A system which completely automates the nomination and voting process needs to be developed. It should comprise a comprehensive database with a user-friendly searchable interface to keep track of the awards and their recipients. The system will be particularly useful during the semi-annual employee review since reviewers can check up the history of the employees in terms of awards and nominations.




To build an employee award management system for Merkle.


Team Members:


Nino Ajami

[email protected]

Diana Wong

[email protected]

Michiko Chand

[email protected]


Requirements Commissioner:


Steve McKee

Merkle, Inc.

301.429.4384 Lanham

[email protected]


Required Capabilities:


The system should have the following capabilities:



Additional Capabilities:


The system may have these additional capabilities:


Additional Material:


The following material needs to be referred to for completion of this project


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