Welcome to the Merkle's Employees Award System! We hope that this system will be able to assist you and your employees in creating a successful growing organization with the best and happiest employees.


Note: This is just Prototype 2. It has been integrated with a database, however all of the nomination and vote data is still dummy data. Please bear with us. You will see a more advanced EA system in our up and coming Prototype 3.



Installation Instructions:

1. Please extract the three files/folders (images, db and JAR file) from the EA zipped file and save them together into a folder.

2. Run the EA system by double-clicking on the EA.JAR file.

3. Enjoy!


User Manual:

1. The EA system begins with the Welcome which offers users a selection of options. For the pilot phase, the tool starts off with 2 features: 1) Nominate Employees, and 2) Vote for Winners. The ‘Nominate Employees’ feature allows all levels of employees to access and requires no user authentication at this point.


2. To begin with, the employees may just need to select and click on the ‘Nominate Employees’ icon button or the text link. The ‘Vote for Winners’ feature is only for selected employees who chairs the role as voters. User authentication is required. Similarly, to vote, the employee may just need to select and click on the ‘Vote for Winners’ icon button or the text link.


3. All voters can access the "Vote for Winners" page with their specific username and password. For prototype 2, all users have been given access with a default password of “password”. The user name is the first letter of the first name plus the last name. Since Nino is an employee at Merkle we can use his user name and password for this test. Please note that the user identification and password authentication are case sensitive. If the user forgets their password they can use the forgot password link which will redirect them to the Merkle website.


                                    Username: najami

                                    Password: password


4. The ‘Nominate Employees’ page allows all employees to nominate any outstanding employees for any available and relevant awards. For each selected award, there will be subsequent description at the "Award Description" text area.


5. Once the user has identified the award for nomination, the user can then select nominees from the list of employees from the ‘Nominee’ comboBox. The user will be required to fill in the “Comments” textArea and state the rationale for nominating this person.


6. Once completed, the employee(s) can process the submission by clicking on the "Submit" button. Alternately, user may click the “Cancel” button to cancel the submission and return to the “Welcome”


7. From the “Welcome”, the user will be redirected to the “Log-in” page, if he/she selects “Vote for Winners” from the previous “Welcome” to vote for the nominations. Please use the log-in name and password provided in step 3 to access the "Vote for Winners" page. The "Forgot you log-n or password” link and the "Remember" checkbox is currently not working. Please stay tuned for the next prototype.


8. In the "Vote for Winners" page, similarly, for every selected award, the text description of the award will be shown in the non-editable “Award Description” text area. Every time a different award is selected the list of nominated employees change. Below the JTable, there is a drop down that shows current nominees for an award.


9. Finally, after reviewing the entries, the user (voter) may select his/her vote by selecting the desired employee from the “My Vote” comboBox. The similar list of employees nominated for the specific award will be listed in the “My Vote” comboBox. All fields are required before submitting an entry.


10. User may click on the “Submit” button to submit entry. Alternately, user may click the “Cancel” button to cancel the submission and return to the “Switchboard.” The user may log-out from the EA System by clicking the “Log-out” button.

Thank you for using the EA system!



Project Team:

Diana Wong                 [email protected]

Michiko Chand             [email protected]

Nazih Ajami                 [email protected]


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