Nink Rocks, Nink Rules

Hello everybody! I'm Nink, and I am a Siamese cat from the state of Oregon. I have had corrective surgery to make changes to my urethra. In other words, I pee out my belly. It's cool.

I began my life in July of 1992 in the town of Longview, WA. Wasn't I cute?

My first home did not give me enough love, so I abandoned it. I lived shortly with two weirdos and a psycho baby, until I was rescued by the nice old lady. My new family wasn't too impressive, with the exception of Meesha.

I liked the old man though. He was easy to mooch food off of.

The house wasn't much to look at but I got lots of free time outside. Sunshine was always nice!

Years went by, humans came and humans went, then one day I couldn't pee. Two angels arrived in the form of the old lady's daughters to wisk me away to the vet. The first attempt left me peeing out my spray-hole, and the second attempt (the one that worked!) left me peeing out my belly! Once again I got a new home where life is peaceful and the food is plentiful.

Times here are carefree with exception of the evil WHITE MENACE. All this talking is too much for a sweet fat kitty like me. Good night!

Nink Lover #

White Menace's Web Site
White Menace's Human made me a site too!

Here is a crazy old woman.

If you love me as much as I love me, then email me!

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