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Good Quotes

"Turtles fight with honer." -Leonardo

"When in doubt, pig out!" -Michaelangelo

"Boy am I glutton for punishment, or what?" -Raphael

"I don't have my trunks, so you'll have to promise not to peek...unless, of course, you can't help yourself." -Michaelangelo

"Believe me, nobody wants to be a Ninja Turtle." -Raphael

"Does the phrase, Go suck on a lemon, hold any meaning for ya?" -Raphael

"Do not call me a muntant or a hottie!" -Michaelangelo

"I believe the expression is...Cowabunga!" -Splinter

"That dude is driving Shea Stadium around under the city!" -Michaelangelo

"So that's their plan, eh? They want to put Krang's face up there and scare the country into submission." -Raphael

"Oh, I get it, your going to put on that silly little suit and embarrass them away!" -Raphael

"Dumb, dumb, dumb! Those dudes are so dumb!" -Michaelangelo

"I'll get a news crew, even if I have to tie em up and brand em!" -April

"You got a mind like a steel trap lady." -Michaelangelo

"Didn't I see you in the Jungle Book!" -Raphael

"Ya know the world's really gone bizarro when pizzas bite you back!" -Michaelangelo

"The things I have to do to get a story." -April

"Face it bud, peanut butter and clams is an acquired taste." -Michaelangelo

"I'd say this was hopeless, but that's too optimistic!" -Raphael

"Aw she's no fun, she fainted." -Michaelangelo

"I don't need the Turtles I need a dry cleaner!" -April

"No more Katanas, no more hooks, no more sensei's nasty looks!" -Leonardo

"Hey fur-face that was our din-din!" -Michaelangelo

"Are you sure you didn't get your license in a box of pop corn!" -Raphael

"One can't eat too many pizzas without regretting it the next day!" -Michaelangelo

Leonardo: "We've got to find the technodrome and stop him!"
Raphael: "Sure, no sweat. And what will we do with the rest of the afternoon."

Leonardo: "Shredder is preparing to return the technodrome to Earth. We've got to cut off the power tp the portal!"
Michaelangelo: "Hey outstanding plan, dude, but any idea as to how?
Donatello: "Well, if we could somehow stop the river that would shut down the power station."
Raphael: "Swell, we'll just round up fifty-million beavers and ask them to please build us a dam."

Leonardo: "We turtles don't no the meaning of the word defeat."
Michaelangelo: "Thats right. We never bothered to look it up in the dictonary

MACC (robot cop): "I detest violence!"
Raphael: "I kinda feel the same way about underwear with hearts on it."

Leonardo: "Turtle power!"
Donatello: "Geronimo!"
Michaelangelo: "Cowabunga!"
Raphael: "Have a nice day."

Splinter: "Michaelangelo!"
Michaelangelo: "Huh? Hey! Come on man! I'm at the most epic part!"
Splinter: "Man? It's that how you refer to me? What is next? Rat-faced dudeguy?"

Leonardo: "I think they're starting to tire."
Raphael: "Oh great! In a few more hours they'll barely be able to throw a car at us!"

Raphael: "Any sign of Leonardo, Donatello?
Donatello: "Hm, like no hair of him.
Michaelangelo: "I am not suprised. The dude's got no hair on his hide!"

Leonardo: "I've got a plan. When I say duck..."
Michaelangelo: "We quack?"
Leonardo: "We duck!"

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