Bad Quotes

"I shouldn't have joined forces with a ninja. Next time I cunquer a planet, I'm using an accountant" -Krang

"Don't annoy me, Shredder... I'm having a very bad day." -Krang

"I can't go out of my mind... I's all I've got." -Krang

"All day the same boring images. Maybe I should think about subscribing to cable." -Krang

"Well well, our invitation must have been lost in the mail." -Krang

"Nothing can stop the almighty Krang." -Krang

"I'd have been better of hiring street mimes. At least they know when to shut up." -Krang

"Oh, cry me a river." -Krang

"I'm an equal oppurtunity tyrant." -Krang

"A piece of cake someone said? It looks more like a mudpie to me. Sometimes I really crack myself up." -Krang

"By the way, in case you have any ideas about turning the creature against me, remember that I too have a remote control, one more powerful than yours! Mine works the TV, the VCR, and the stero!" -Krang

"I'm not sticking around for the climax of this episode." -Krang

"Another failure, Shredder? You have an almost perfect record." -Krang

"This is Krang, ruler of Dimension X! Hi." -Krang

"Stand still so I can pound you." -Krang

"The protein brain of the silicon computer has an owwie." -Krang
"Tonight I dine on turtle soup." -Shredder

"I should not have sent a punk to do a ninja's job." -Shredder

"Ohh, I hate anchovies!" -Shredder

"Don't call us; we'll call you." -Shredder

"This is getting very monotonous." -Shredder

"I wish I'd brought some comics." -Bebop

"Da woist is what we do best." -Rocksteady

"Third floor, lingerie, evening wear, and Turtle-stompin'!" -Rocksteady

"Lightning gives me the willies!" -Bebop

"You guys are starting to get my goat." -Rocksteady

Krang: "I see only one problem."
Shredder: "Whats that."
Krang: "Nobody likes anchovies."

Krang: "Wait! Did you see that."
Shredder: "It's called a neck, something i'm sure you'd like to have."
Krang: "Ooh, just because i'm all brain doesn't mean I don't have feelings."

Shredder: "Those moronic muntants! What are they doing?"
Krang: "Failing, Shredder. It's the only thing they know how to do."

Shredder: "As soon as we defeat Splinter and the Turtles, our work will be done."
Krang: "And then we'll go into reruns... I guess..."

Rocksteady: "Let's grab this catering truck."
Bebop: "Yeah, dat way we can eat and run."

Krang: "How many times are you imbeciles going to fail me?"
Bebop: "Oh, lots more times, boss."
Rocksteady: "Yeah, we ain't the least bit tired."

Shredder: "Cowards! Must I do everything myself?"
Bebop: "Sounds good to me."

Shredder: "You wretched reptiles! You'll pay for this!"
Bebop: "Yeah, and bring cash. We don't take plastic."

Krang: "Shredder, i'm sending you to Lisbon in Portugal. Here it is on the map..."
Shredder: "Put that away, I know where Lisbon is."
Krang: "It's not for you, this is the educational portion of the show."

Bebop: "I wonder why the delivery guy stopped here."
Rocksteady: "Maybe he was visiting his mommy."
Bebop: "I wish I could visit my mommy."
Rocksteady: "Why don't ya?"
Bebop: "I try, but every time she sees me she runs away, screamin."

Rocksteady: "Oh boy isn't dat like a shooting gallery."
Bebop: "It's times like dis, dat make me wish I could count so I would know the score."

Bebop: "Yuck, garbage!"
Rocksteady: "Uh, and I took a bath just last month."

Shredder: "Oh, you cretins. Now look what you've done.
Rocksteady: "We didn't know he was gonna do that."
Bebop: "We don't even know what "cretins" means.

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