I find it is very (dare I say) theraputic to record my thoughts. I also enjoy looking back to how certain times in my life made me feel. If we don't remember the past we will continue repeating our mistakes. On the other hand, if we forget the past we will inevitably forget the joyous occasions, too. I think it is wonderful to document ones emotions and obsessions from various times in their life.
You may find yourself asking, "then why do it online?
I ask myself that, too.
I think I do it online so I can access it anywhere in the world, anywhere the internet is available. If someone out there wants to see how I am doing (doubtful but possible) they too can access my thoughts. I think it is a neat idea. I wish my friends had online journals, I would love to see what was going through their minds on any given day. PLUS, what have I got to hide? Even though the chances of someone reading this are slim, very slim, I like the thought that I am "bearing my sole." Okay so you'll notice the journal isn't too personal..but still, I like the fact that I am not hiding anything.
This is all really just my own selfish endeavor. No one else can gain anything from this site. I do not intend to spread a wealth of information.I am not even touting a specific thing. This is purely for the bettering of my own soul.
Okay, so I haven't talked that much about myself. Oh well. I'm sure that if you take the time to look through this site you can get a pretty good idea of who I am. Afterall, its purely my opinion on things, so how could you not?
Come Again!
That is me.
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