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Updates: Last udated on 7/5/00

24. 7/10/00: All you frame haters now can colapse the frame in the frames version, and then when it is needed again you can expand it. How you ask? Well with a simple double click of course. Double click anywhere on the screen to colapse it and to expand it double click it again.

23. 7/5/00: Well sorry I've been gone so long! These past weeks have just been a bit hectic. I had to practice for my black belt test and stuff so that kinda took away from updating. So there was that week and then another three days for the testing. Also not only that but Zeoodacool3 has appologized for making fun and being mean to Be, so Be he said sorry. Hope you accept his appology. And Zeoodacool3 sorry about that whole fiasco. In other news we hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July. seeya later

22. 6/25/00: Hehe belive it or not U-Anime has a fan!!!!! Her name is Bea (she likes it spelled Be). Well since she was so kind as to alert me to the fact that Zeoodacool3 on aol im, the creat of this site, http://www.geocities.com/irvinexxx/ (that site is well horrible!!!!) He was just horribly rude to Be I don't really know why, not only that but he thought Be was me. Here is their chat => she told me I could put it up
BChanKo: oh you are back
Zeoodacool3: yeah
Zeoodacool3: i am back
BChanKo: hiya:-)
Zeoodacool3: lol!
Zeoodacool3: I went to Brandons site
BChanKo: ....and....
Zeoodacool3: and hes got a chatroom in his Sailor Moon page
BChanKo: so?
Zeoodacool3: and hes only got 25 hits!!!!!!!!
Zeoodacool3: lol!!!!!!!!
BChanKo: .... there are 1000 somthin
Zeoodacool3: no ones ever gonna go in there anywase
BChanKo: and there are other people there
Zeoodacool3: thats just brandon clicking forward and back on the arrows
BChanKo: I think this other girl
BChanKo: ?
Zeoodacool3: what other girl?
BChanKo: Mimi
BChanKo: and this guy donut
Zeoodacool3: what about her?
BChanKo: she works on that site too
Zeoodacool3: yeah
Zeoodacool3: Mimis good at makin webpages
Zeoodacool3: brandons messes her webpages up
Zeoodacool3: you see what he did to her pokemon webpage?
Zeoodacool3: it SUCKS now!
BChanKo: aren't you on it too?
BChanKo: you've done didly squat
Zeoodacool3: it used to be really cool now its just a bunch of loading stuff
Zeoodacool3: yeah i know
Zeoodacool3: I dont know the password
BChanKo: so then I guess you suck
Zeoodacool3: yeah right
Zeoodacool3: id rather make a page that is surperior 
Zeoodacool3: then have brandon help me and fuck it up
Zeoodacool3: haha
Zeoodacool3: hes SUCH a loser!
Zeoodacool3: i cant believe he THINKS hes a hacker!
Zeoodacool3: he cant hack anything!
Zeoodacool3: ill hack his page
BChanKo: hehe
Zeoodacool3: hehehe
BChanKo: yeah right
Zeoodacool3: i will youll see
BChanKo: ya know I'm ashamed I talked to you
Zeoodacool3: yeah right the only reason your ashamed to talk to me is
Zeoodacool3: im dissin you
Zeoodacool3: Brandon
Zeoodacool3: you suck
Zeoodacool3: you cant fool  me
Zeoodacool3: haha
Zeoodacool3: your webpages suck just face it
BChanKo: see I thought you would be nice , but I guess I don't know how to talk to
Zeoodacool3: whats that supposed to mean?
BChanKo: I'm not brandon, and you can ask his friends Yumha I think or somthin
Zeoodacool3: your bad with girls?
BChanKo: I'm a girl you moron
BChanKo: so that means I'm not brandon
Zeoodacool3: I know that, thats why you cant get any girls Brandon
Zeoodacool3: yeah you are Brandon
BChanKo: ?no
Zeoodacool3: yes, you are
Zeoodacool3: you cant fool me
BChanKo: ya know what all you are is a jerk
Zeoodacool3: really
BChanKo: what do I have to fool you about?
Zeoodacool3: you cant come up with anything better?
BChanKo: what do you mean?
Zeoodacool3: im  just a jerk to you Brandon
Zeoodacool3: cuz your a stupid fag
BChanKo: I'm not brandon you moron
Zeoodacool3: im a jerk to stupid fags
Zeoodacool3: yes you are
Zeoodacool3: you cant fool me
BChanKo: your is not spelled your its spelled you're
Zeoodacool3: you think i give a fuck?
Zeoodacool3: fuck school
Zeoodacool3: take drugs
Zeoodacool3: rape sluts
BChanKo: I think you are jealous of him because, he has  a better friendship with
your friends than you do
Zeoodacool3: do bitches
Zeoodacool3: yeah
BChanKo: ?
Zeoodacool3: like who?
Zeoodacool3: Lexi?
Zeoodacool3: you can ask her
BChanKo: this lexi girl 
BChanKo: fine I will
Zeoodacool3: shes MY best friend
Zeoodacool3: not yours
BChanKo: what is her SN
Zeoodacool3: you should know it retard
BChanKo: of cours she's not I don't know her
Zeoodacool3: Newanda28 you dumbass
BChanKo: you're awful rude to girls
BChanKo: ?
Zeoodacool3: yeah
BChanKo: ok
BChanKo: thank you
Zeoodacool3: no im just rude to guys that act like girls online
Zeoodacool3: who pretend there girls and fuck guys like Brandon
BChanKo: I'm not acting you moron
Zeoodacool3: yeah right
Zeoodacool3: go do your complaining to your psychiatrist when he asks you why you
act like a girl
Zeoodacool3 signed off at 1:30:02 PM. 
BChanKo: ya know what if she is your best friend I think she would be pretty angry
at you
Be on behalf of U-Anime we are sorry for your harsh treatment from Zeoodacool3 (what kind of screen name is that!?!?!?!?!)Oh well hehe he is jerk, and since I ninja tom have gone to school with him I know as  a fact most people think he is a (I'll swear just to get my point across I hate swearing) fucking jackass. So don't feel so bad. Thats it for the updates. Oh yeah all of you who know me on aol im (ohmyshinouskay) you can contact me on aol im abouth this if you want.

21. 6/19/00: We added two new series to our line up Kodome no Ocha (Child's Toy) and Vision of Escaflowne
hopefully they will add more spice to the goodol U-Anime=> Byebye!

20. 6/16/00: I Bet you thought that U-Anime has forgot to update its page huh? we it didn't we have been. I'm happy to say that we are going onto 1000 hits, today we have reached 900 hits!! Yay!!! I can't wait! I also did some general cleanup around the site.

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