My slogan : Speech is silver, Silence is gold!!! Hehe!!

The Ninja World


With a little help from our friends...                                    

We made every day an ADVENTURE!

We turned minutes into HOURS.

We weathered many storms.

We discovered our TALENTS.

We grew in STRENGTH & confidence.

We discussed life's BIG EVENTS!

We CELEBRATED the seasons


We developed poise, grace, and humility.

We made BOLD predictions.

We rejoiced our milestones.


We survived countless surprises!

We figured out who we wanted to be.

We enjoyed our day in the SUN!

We shared secrets and gained TRUST.

We realized the BEST gift is a TRUE friend.

We BRAVED the unknown.

We dreamed of possibilities.

With a little help from our friends, we grew up... TOGETHER!




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