Hello and welcome to Ninja's Harvest, the place where all the Ninja's have brought their harvest to you! :)

If you want to adopt something, please do so as long as you link back!

If you want to be on my list, simply
e-mail me with the subject, "Subject" (so I dont think it is S.P.A.M!) and then give me your name and the URL of where you put my thingie! Thank you!
Ninja Muffin
Ordinary Muffin
Burnt Muffin
Chocolate Muffin
Blueberry Muffin
Chocolate Chip Muffin
Strawberry Muffin
a Red Drink, the flavours can be: red, cherry, and lots more!
a Pink Drink, theflavours can be: Pink, cherry, strawberry, ect...
an Orange Drink, the flavours can be: orange, and lotsa stuff!
a Green Drink, the flavours can be: green, apple, grape, and tons more!
a nice juicy tomato!
Adoptions (stuff i have adopted!) :D
This tomato doesnt seem to be ripe enough...
Ewwww, this tomato is rotten!
Norimaki (a type of sushi!)
Gunkan (another type of sushi!)
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