Camp Spankies Spring Break!
12-14 April 2002
Las Vegas, NV

Wow! Las Vegas. This was our first time out of state, huh, Michi?
Yup. It was neat!
Everybody we met was so nice.
Everybody likes you, Haru.
They like you too, Michi.

First thing we did was go to the park to take pictures!
Do I look sexy?
I'm so high!
Lisa wanted a picture with me!
Ne, Haru, why did they call it "poo park"?

On to the strip!
We had a room in New York, New York for the party.
It was a really nice room.
Wow. The statue of Liberty!
A roller coaster too!
This bed is nice.
Michi, the ceiling needs painting.
Where's the water?

We went to a buffet to eat dinner.
Lot's of food, ne, Haru?
Yummy. Pie!
Twastes gwood.

After dinner we went to a show.
It was good, huh?
Hehe. You just liked it because of the girls.

Next it was back to the hotel.
We helped decorate the room for Lisa's party.
Look, it's the cake.
What was wrong with it?
Uh, Michi?
Are you okay?

The next day we went to the park.
I love you, Michi.
Later that night, we went for karaoke.
Haru sings.

Well, that's the end.
We had a wonderful time!
Char, Lisa, thank you for having us!
Hope we can do it again sometime!

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