Knott's Berry Farm!
Buena Park, CA
21 January 2002, Amidala's birthday

It was Amidala's birhtday. She took the day off work and decided to have some fun.
She brought us along with her. ^_^

Look, Michi! We're here!
Haru! Wait up!
Michi found a lovely fountain.
That's Ghost Rider in the background.
Lovely couple!

Ara! What is this ugly thing?
It's a totem pole, silly!
It's still ugly, Haru.
Beauty and Ugly

Ghost Town
Say, do you think he'll notice that the money is missing?
That's a big gun.
Better not chance it.
Hey, I want to ride the bull.
Be careful, Haru.

Calico Mine train.
Let's go!
Are we moiving?

Back to school.
Psst! Michi.
Shhh... the teacher is watching.

Oooh. Let's go up there!
It's a nice day. The view will be lovely.
Sky Tower
Wow! We're up in the sky!
Oh look at that!
And that!
The roller coaster look so small.
That looks scary

Taking a break.
Steam engine
A cute couple

Inside the Jaguar.
We're cuter! *mneh!*
Haru, I'm scared.

Oh look. A horse.
Ride 'em CowSenshi!
I'm riding sidesaddle!

That's all. Happy Birthday, Amidala! ^_^

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