Anime Expo 2002!
4-7 July 2002
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA

We went with Amidala to Anime Expo!!
It was a great opportunity to see some cosplay and meet our fans.
Amidala went to pick up her badge Wednesday night to avoid the rush.
All set!

Amidala hosted the Seramyu panel this year.
Our friends Nao and Yuhka came and sat on the table.
We didn't get a picture of them.
After the panel we went outside.
What's this?
Looks like a Chibi-Moon feather

Friday was the Capcom vs SNK cosplay group.
Haru fought Mai

Saturday was the Masquerade.
We had to get up early to wait in line for tickets.
Michi, I'm sleepy.
Time for the show!
Michi likes water.

Fashion Show
Eheh.. I think it was over, Michi.
Haru and Michi
Hehe... that tickles.

Being silly.
Ne, Haru, should we have been doing that on the table?
We didn't start it...
When plushies go bad!
Is she dead?

We took nice pictures with cosplayers too.
She likes us. ^^
It's Sailor Saturn! Tome.. eheh..

Well, that's it, huh?
Yeah. I had fun.
Thanks for looking!

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