Anime Expo 2003!
27 July 3-6 2003
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

It was so hot. We stayed in the nice cool room a lot.
We went out to meet some people, though, Haru.

Too bad Nao and Yuhka didn't come, Michi.
Yeah. They would have matched Lynleigh and Ashley's costumes.

Amidala went to the Capcom vs SNK gathering.
It was too hot. We stayed in the room.
We missed Sakura!
And this!
Aaaaahhhh! Bad guys!
They look good though.

It's Cody. ^_^
As Alexander Andersong. Hehe... must have given the religious con people fits.
From afar
Up close
With us!

Sailor Senshi!
Ne, we look so small huh?
Do you think those other people taking pictures noticed us there?
Say Cheese!

From NorCal...

From the JUNGLE movie thing...
Powered Sister, Michi.
Eheh.. yeah. Junko Okura
She's so cute!

Haru, don't shout.
A Sakura
Moo and Oscar... Wasn't that right?
Ogami and Andre Maria!

And last but not least...
Just for laughs... since the opportunity was there...
Two guys from Duel Jewel!
Ne, Haru, what are their names anyway?
I don't know, Michi.. I think we got the singer and the guitar player though...
Duel Jewel one...
and Duel Jewel two!

Well, that's all... for now anyway..
Yeah, we still have a lot of stuff to upload, huh, Haru?
Yup. So stay tuned!
Thanks for looking peoples! ^_^;
Hey, you should sign the guestbook too!

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