Let's talk about...

...the election.

Alright, I know this is gonna be outdated by tomorrow night, but this is more on campaigns in general. I personally am going to vote for Gore. Why you ask? Beats me, only thing I can go on is to vote my party because it's impossible to figure out any truth about ANYONE in this election. With everyone slinging mud every which way, it's impossible to wipe it down to anything that makes the least bit of sense. There are actually people voting based on some email [email protected] sent them randomly one day that says "Gore/Bush is bad because of this thing that this person said that he read somewhere on the internet." They actually CHANGE their vote based on this crap. I mean comon, have the least bit of common sense and if you're going to base it on ANYTHING that's said by anyone, watch the debates and make an educated decision based on what the candidates themselves say. The statistics say only about 1/4 of the eligible voters vote. Maybe if we had some better choices and didn't have commercials every two seconds saying the complete opposite thing as the other one says, they could make a reasonable decision and go out and vote.

Ok, so I went and voted, and like NO ONE was there. The majority of people that are there we're older people though. And no offense to older people, but a high percentage of them are republicans. So if the young people don't bother to go out and vote, you might as well just throw the republican into office. Now maybe that's who you like, that's fine, but it's kinda hard to true representation of the people if there's no diversity in the voters. We've been given a right, a right that a lot of people in many countries would give their lives for. Why not take advantage of that? We certainly jump up and scream about our rights when it has to do with free speech or the right to bear arms. It's free to register, and it's free to vote. Just go out and do it. Oh and by the way, the electoral college is a representation of the popular vote, only once has there ever been a state that had the electoral college disagree with the opoular vote. It does count.

Ok, so this election is driving me insane, god knows how Bush and Gore feel. At this point it'll be a looong while before anyone knows what the real outcome is. My solution? Revote, of only the people that voted before. I mean we got people saying they had trouble voting, ballot boxes that were left behind in a church. Theres just too many thing going on that dont make any sense. Revote, and obviously winner of FL gets the presidency. Very simple.

Aight, this is just getting OLD. No matter who ends up our 43rd president, the country will never take him seriously because he won on a technicallity. But, at this point, theres nothing else to do cept wait it out, and for those of you that DIDN'T vote this time (you know who you are) go out NOW and register, dont wait till 4 years from now and then miss the deadline again, once you're registered, you're done unless you move, then you just send in a change of address form. Couldn't be more simple. For more info on registering in your state click here. I wanna vote!!!

Ok, Im not going to say much more about the election except that it was a waste of time, and money, and it totally divided the country. Great.


...the "mood theory."

Ok, this is actually my boyfriends theory, but I thought I'd share it because its pretty interesting. We've noticed some trends lately in the daily mood of individuals. Not just one's we know, even strangers, teachers, EVERYONE. It seems that everyone, at least in our area, has been waking up in a collective mood each day. There are always exceptions to every rule, but this applies to most everyone we see. For instance, last week was a very "angry" day. Everyone seemed to be in a bad mood, my teachers were pissy, hardly anyone showed up at school. Yesterday, everyone seemed to be antsy and impatient, full of nervous energy. No could pay attention in class. This is a very interesting theory that you should pay attention too. Just notice whats going on around you and see if it kinda goes together. Odd, but worth looking into.


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