This is Me.

This is me at my Senior Prom in '97. I think it's the most recent pic I have that I don't hate.

NAME: Becca

AGE: 22


OCCUPATION: Full time student at Valencia Community CollegeA great community college in Orlando, incredibly low priced with wonderful teachers and small classes. You save money getting a two year AA degree and taking that to a University to finish up youR four year degree.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Going into the 5th year of a serious relationship with my boyfriend Ian. He lives with me and my mom

INTERESTS: Cooking, reading, geek crap, artsy stuff

CONTACT INFO: You can reach me at my email adress below, on AOL Instant Messanger as NInjaKIti, or sign the guest book. If you don't have AIM, check it out, you don't have to have AOL to use it and it's free to D/L and sign up. Click here and follow the links


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