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I'm Chillin Up In Lake Butler.....its very differnt from Vero and I've Got nothin better to do but just act stupid and try to make the best of things.  Much love to my brother and family.  If you want to me e-mail me at [email protected]

I R Honor Rol Studant
Dead Star Posse Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krypticly Clear
Once Your Part Of The Family......
Hitch Hikers......
Star Saved April
Alien Ant Farm
I love you megan......and my hands
~ I AM~

I am forever thoughtfull and self-seeking
I wonder why people waste there time on pityfull and forever fleeting things
I hear the crisp silence all around
I see the old cabin that was above the sky
I want to live for whats right
I am forever thoughtful and self seeking

I pretend that I am on the stage and everyone laughs with me
I feel the sea breeze on my spine
I touch what once I thought was mine
I worry that are race will be the final doom
I cry when I think of what you use to do
I am forever thoughtful and self seeking

I understand that the "truth" can be twisted just like anything else
I say that God has helped me to be who I am today
I dream of Zion and getting away from the pain
I try to be the best I can
I hope to stand as a example of a man
I am forever thoughtful and self seeking

:::Kyle Metz:::
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