Nick's Secret Ninja Sewer of Mystery!
Hahahaha! Welcome to my secret sewer of mystery! Around here you will find many a mutant ninja!  And other stuff as well! Good. Hey, intrigued? Just plain curious? It may have killed the cat, but it probably won't hurt you... To learn more about moi, just click the dojo link, and go to the library link from that. Simple, huh? Yeah. Well, as for some updatish things, the new TMNT series is on fox, and Donatello totally kicks ass.  For those of you who like to keep up on gossip, I've been pretty busy hanging out so far this summer, and yeah, I am writing a book. Oh well. I'm a busy guy. What else? Well, the Satellite has risen from its grave to retake the world, and I am its chiefest servant. Well, More to come eventually, keep tuning in to Grandaddy Flashmaster.

There it is.Oh and, hey- the ninja turtle I'm most like is- Donatello!
HAHAHA! Donatello is strong, like bull.. Or, Ninja Turtle! HAHAHA!
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