Bellboy’S 4TH Annual decon 

The 2008 Decontamination Party

@ Ford street   market  Studio 35

studio 35    


This is the time to bring out all the various environmentally contaminated materials that you exposed to high temperature alkali playa conditions.  You can volunteer to be a part of this great party.  Benefits include ingestion of various materials and enjoying the rewards and effects.  Documentation is not required but personal opinions appreciated.  Compensation varies with the quantity and type of materials tested.  Playa attire appreciated.

Starting with nutritional material and finishing with liquid encapsulated in aluminum and glass the testing will start on:

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th at 7:30pm


In plain engrish please bring left over stuff from Burningman to share.  Food, Booze, whatever.  Bring your fire toys, poi, and staff we have some fuel. We’ll have our contaminated stuff out for consumption so don’t worry if you ate all the tasty bites from this year we’ve got some from 2003.



Studio 35 

2934 Ford St #35

Oakland CA 94601


To contact us:

Phone: 510-459-5678

E-mail:[email protected]

880 south to the FRUITVALE exit. Immediate right turn on DERBY three blocks to FORD Street. Turn right and park Ford street studios is on the right, go to the gate and buzz R. LYLE look slightly to your right across the parking lot and the 3rd roll up door from the south end of the building will be open. You’ve found it!

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