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10/15/02: It's finally here! I've updated lots of stuff and added some games other than PSO. Take note of Kei's ultra-kick-ass PSO profiles in the PSO characters section! We also have a new member, Josh! Welcome to the ranks buddy. :) CORN__

1/19/02: Well long time no see my bitches. Just sayin y0... fixed some more typos that went unnoticed for like what? Half a year maybe. CORN__ and his FORREST....he'll never learn :) This site makes me sad :( so many memories... *tear* Later -Fox

6/2/01: Added pics of Jane and Neko to the fan art section. Hopefully I'll finish Amy and Kei soon... Also, I still have a bunch of new pics to add to the screen capture section when I'm not feeling so lazy. :) -Kei

5/17/01: Finally finished the images section after a long stint of laziness :) Props to Kei and Asiankidd for their help. -CORN__

5/14/01: Updated the FAQ and Links sections. I was gonna put something funny here.. F' it :) -CORN__

5/14/01: Added a bunch of new screen captures. Go me. -Kei

5/13/01: Added a motherload of Tips & Tricks to the PSO section. Click here, and let the drooling commence! -CORN__

5/12/01:Blah blah blah I (Hydro Fox) have fixed some spelling errors.Heh...CORN__.Well I'm bored so i guess ill be adding crap in oh well.Hmmm, I have a Egg Blaster and i'm not banned I went on last night too.Heh. They cant catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.*howls* - Hydro Fox

5/11/01: Whew, huge update today, check out the new look and all the fresh goodies.
-In other news. according to IGNDC and EBworld, we might be getting PSO ver2 eariler than we think.. JULY ELEVENTH? *orgasm*. Can you say "Chistmas is July"? =) Full story can be seen here.
-It also seems that Sonic Team is getting serious about cheaters. According to Sega of America, bans of serial numbers will begin on May 10 (yesterday). Better get rid of those Nei's Claws, Egg Blasters, and 127% Spread Needles, kiddies... While you still can. Full story can be found at this link.
-Special thanks to Nolan for the awesome Blavin banner (seen below) and background (seen, uh, behind).

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