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Only 21 more days till my 17th birthday, woohoo!!! Well, other than that, I start school in about 17 days -_- that's gonna be really ghey, cause I don't wanna go back yet...oh well. Last year, then I get to say goodbye to everyone, and then I get to go to college ^_^ I can't wait!!! But other than that, not much has been happening.
I know I said that I would update more often, but I've been more of a lazy bastard than ever before, so meh, haha.
Hey everyone,
I added an "About Me" section....I guess I should have done that before anything else, lol.

Creation/Testing of the Trigun map is still going on, hopefully I'll have the first beta version of the map up by the end of the week.

I just thought of this, and I think I'll load up a couple of my music videos that I made. Right now though, I'm stuck, as I've got some great songs to work with, but no footage that I would want to use. Oh well, maybe I'll find something soon.
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Hey all,
Well, even though Clan Dyre Wolf has been dissolved, it looks as if I'll be getting back into playing Diablo II. I actually miss it. I'll start playing against once the ladder resets, and 5 of my other friends will be joining me. We'll probably be the top ranked characters, at least, I hope we'll be. That just means that I'll have to ignore life and play the game more...easily done, lol.

Well, I've made a few changes to the site, like...added more pages, made the links look a little neater, and fixed the overall layout. A couple of my current decks are posted, and I've got 1 more added bonus: a new warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne map is up. It's a map for Trigun, that I designed and developed, while my friend, Matt, did all of the hard work of getting stuff to work and actually have the map balanced. We'll have 6 choices for heroes for each team...wait, you'll just see this when you play it. I'll post it as soon as we get it all set for beta testing. We will release all of the beta versions of the map on this site, but then, afterwards, we will also release the final version, which should be up in 1-2 months. Just be patient everyone.

I'll keep up with the updates throughout the summer.
Well...yeah....Clan Dyre Wolf is no more, as I've quit playing Diablo II. I never thought that I would do such a thing, but I have. I might get back into it, but only to make some cash off of eBay (gotta love the idiots who will pay some nice cash for a bit of code in a computer game, lol). But other than that, not much. I'm still a heav gamer, as that's all I do at my house. Once I stop being so god damn lazy, I'll make other pages, including stuff I know about games, a couple of my short stories, some Magic: The Gathering Deck ideas, and other random crap, and I might update more often.

Oh yeah, I posted some of my favorite links to the side there, check 'em out.

Until next time my friends.
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Well, loaded up a pic of me with shorter hair.
I loaded up pics of me, check 'em out.
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