My Opinions
Whats wrong with this World?
Everyday I wakeup to see more bad news on the television, read it in the newspaper, or have all around me. This can be very depressing at times.  So people have trouble beleveing that good is every coming back.  I'm here to tell you that it never left.  If you have God in your life you know that there is good left for us to witness and to spread.  I am a sinner just like everyone esle in this wolrd. I have problems keeping that flame of God in my heart.  Its not that I quit loving him, because I always will. I seem to get myself caught up in the world around me, and the people around me.  I don't bring God in my family like I should, he is left out in soo many of my decisions that I make.  Struggling along in life is not much fun but I don't have to go this route. Just ask God for his guidance every chance you get and include him in your life everyday.  Its hard to be a good christian 24 hours a day but moat of us try to do this on our own.  The great thing is we don't have to do this alone for there is someone with us all the way until the end  GOD.
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