Hi, I am Anthony Jackson.  I like to play video games, watch cool movies, play with legos and the computer.  I also like to play guitar, piano, drums and clarinet and alto saxophone.  My favortie music is Van Halen,  Kid Rock,  P.O.D.Dunahmus, Elvis,  50 cent, Guns n' Roses and Puddle of Mudd. 
My birthday is August 17th.
What's your favorite cartoon?  Mine is      farliy oddparents!
Why even put this here?!
Right now my favorite color is green.
Some of the cool people I know:  My Mom and  Dad, my Grandmas and Grandpas, my Teachers, My Aunts and Uncles, and My  Cousins. Some of my best friends are:  Matt  Cutting, Matt Johnson, Timmy Tidemen, Spencer Hart, Kalib Brock, Cody LeGrande and paul willer,nick wittock,john bess and alex perigo.
My Dad's Band.  Click to visit.
Dunahmus Tribute Site
e-mail me about my website or tell me about your website if you have one.
farorite card game
yugioh is my favorite card game! i also like to collect basketball cards.
favorite sport
my favorite sport is basketball. I also play it   at school.
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hey like yugioh? well go to the coolest place to talk about yugioh on message boards!
YAY! i finaly got a band together! I am the lead guitar,Alex Perigo is the drummer, Brandon 'O' Bryan is the singer and Carl Frotz is the bass!  When im 13 ill open up a site in my account about my band. enjoy the site!
my dads new band
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come to my forum. SHADOW RELM. based on yugioh!
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