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About me

I am a 34 year old Libertarian living in Sydney NSW Australia. I hope soon to travel to China to teach english, a task I have no obvious qualification for but oh well. Should be happening in Feburary 05.


Politics esp. gun control or censorship.
Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature.


Here are a few links I use fairly regularly Goggle javascriptmall.com/learn/ goggle groups .

Stuff you can get here:

A basic spreadsheet on “explosive decompression” due to bullet holes in aircraft .

Jeffrey Snyder's A Nation of Cowards is a very interesting take on moral responsibility and citizenship.

For a more abstract but no less useful philosophical treatise try “Objectivity and Truth: You'd Better Believe It” By Ronald Dworkin”

I have started developing a role-playing setting Small Gods including notes of magic Items with notes of governments and cultures in that setting to follow.

Since every website needs a dorky page that only nerds would care about here's mine.  It points out that Blake kicks Kirk's butt. .

I have developed a magic school for the RPG Unknown Armies called Formiomancy . Also available is a table of probabilities for UA.

Here is my notes on the oneworld government conspiracy theories.

And a complete debunking of "economist" Proudhon .



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