"for they have sown to the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind"
-Hosea 8:7

The SUPREME TERROR of the LORD is Upon the USA.

America is Satan's Masterpiece and is slated for total, absolute, complete and utter destruction. The United States of America is the #1 Terrorist nation on Earth, having dealt poverty, suffering and death to billions of innocent human beings the world over these past two centuries.

The United States has a nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal that threatens ALL LIFE on Earth with planetary extinction, having "sown to the wind" its vast financial, scientific and technical resources and talent into the ways of Death and Destruction (the Global Gas Oven).

The Spirit of Anti-Christ is upon this land. The churches are synagouges of Satan. The whole culture is saturated with evil and wickedness. The rich are rewarded while the poor are persecuted. There are more people locked up in America's prisons (per capita) than any other nation on Earth. America is now a de-facto fascist police state. Tyranny, repression and societal oppression reign. The military-industrial complex has looted the treasury. Defense corporations build weapons to kill and maim while millions (in the USA) and billions (in the world) live in poverty, homelessness and destitution. Lies, propaganda and deception rule America's media outlets. The spirit of HELL permeates every single facet of this diabolical nation. America is rotten to the core.

America has run its course and truely sown to the wind.

America must now reap the whirlwind.

The gates of Hell have now been opened to this insidiously evil and ungodly nation.

Its time: America MUST and WILL Burn.

Jonas the Prophet
North American Continent
Planet Earth

Website: America's Prophet of Doom

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