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11/10/04 :: Sad to say the show is over guys.  We're putting down our instruments and calling it a day.  ninepoundnote are no more.  The last 3 years have been an amazing journey for all of us and we'd like to say a big thank you to eveyone that's bought our records, come to our shows, worn our T-shirts, and supported us along the way.  We've lost the faith due to multiple reasons, one of the main being the fact that we've been part of a scene which is being diluted by millions of other bands doing the same thing.  I guess we're no longer needed.

So what's to come of the band members?  Well, wait and see - 'cos we still have a huge passion for music and nothing can take that away from us.  Not even this.

We will be playing our final show on 17th December 2004 at our hometown venue - The Bradford Rio.  To get your tickets please email [email protected]

Finally, all our merchandise is being sold off - check out the shop page.

Adios amigos xxx
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