2006 FIFA World Cup 776,154KB 757MB 738MB PSP D15
Ace Combat X Skies of Deception 798,996KB 409MB 279MB PSP D4
Activision Hits Remixed 63,954KB 62.4MB 62.0MB PSP D10
After Burner: Black Falcon 297,768KB 290MB 268MB PSP D14
ATV Offroad Fury Pro 534,155KB 521MB 506MB PSP D14
Burnout Dominator 508,069KB 496MB 475MB PSP D5
Burnout Legends 255,954KB 249MB 218MB PSP D6
Bust-A-Move Deluxe 17,374KB 16.9MB 8.55MB PSP [L]Japanese D14
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded 421,546KB 411MB 401MB PSP D12
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku 360,355KB 351MB 345MB PSP D15
Castlevania Symphony of the Night 409,309KB 399MB 319MB PSN D1
Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles 759,657KB 741MB 713MB PSP D11
Chili Con Carnage 641,753KB 626MB 597MB PSP D12
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars D18
Crush 735,108KB 717MB 699MB PSP D4
Daxter 1,200,071KB 1.14GB 1.01GB PSP D4
Dead Head Fred 1,139,786KB 1.13GB 1.11GB PSP [L]Spanish D8
Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover 512,210KB 500MB 477MB PSP D11
Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness 482,038KB 470MB 444MB PSP D2
Downstream Panic 152,168KB 148MB 117MB PSP D8
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road 344,681KB 336MB 329MB PSP D16
Dungeon Siege 730,050KB 712MB 667MB PSP D9
Echochrome 101,299KB 98.9MB 98.6MB PSP D13
Every Extended Extra 197,871KB 193MB 186MB PSP D10
Exit 2 91,573KB 89.4MB 86.2MB PSP D18
Field Commander 798,519KB 779MB 697MB PSP XXXXXXXX D7
FIFA 2007 852,627KB 832MB 807MB PSP D6
FIFA Soccer 2008 938,795KB 916MB 885MB PSP D10
Final Fantasy Crisis Core 1,119,648KB 1.06GB 1.04GB PSP D7
Final Fantasy Tactics The War of Lions 208,475KB 203MB 182MB PSP D2
FlatOut: Head On 374,399KB 365MB 345MB PSP D16
Football Manager 2008 28,809KB 28.1MB 26.8MB PSP XXXXXXXX D5
Gitaroo Man Lives! 933,795KB 911MB 672MB PSP D4
God of War Chains of Olympus 1,288,611KB 1.22GB 1.16GB PSP D2
Gradius Collection 284,987KB 278MB 276MB PSP D11
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories 576,510KB 562MB 552MB PSP NOMU D4
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories 615,921KB 601MB 580MB PSP NOMU D1
GUN Showdown 618,483KB 603MB 590MB PSP D12
Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure 743,089KB 725MB  594MB PSP D12
Hot Shots Gold Open Tee 428,932KB 409MB 279MB PSP D4
Infected 804,565KB 785MB 763MB PSP D18
Jeanne D' Arc 757,373KB 739MB 672MB PSP D2
Killzone Liberations 508,179KB 496MB 483MB PSP D3
Kingdom of Paradise 469,675KB 458MB 426MB PSP D16
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary 1,075,006KB 1.02GB 0.98GB PSP D14
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy 856,183KB 836MB 813MB PSP D13
Loco Roco 650,572KB 635MB 574MB PSP D3
Lemmings 211,170KB 206MB 202MB PSP D15
Lumines 207,067KB 202MB 200MB PSP D5
Lumines II 1,033,560KB 0.98GB 986MB PSP D3
Madden 2006 388,719KB 379MB 359MB PSP D6
Madden NFL 07 367,751KB 359MB 239MB PSP D13
Madden NFL 08 900,241KB 879MB 810MB PSP D16
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1,529,134KB 1.45GB 1.42GB PSP D10
Me And My Katamari 1,058,567KB 1.00GB 967MB PSP D17
Medal of Honor Heroes  473,553KB 462MB 458MB PSP D7
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 363,559KB 355MB 336MB PSP XXXXXXXX D7
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X 411,375KB 401MB 387MB PSP D13
Mega Man Powered Up 255,265KB 249MB 198MB PSP D10
Mercury 224,345KB 219MB 218MB PSP D17
Mercury Meltdown 307,034KB 299MB 278MB PSP D6
Metal Gear Acid 2 855,763KB 835MB 823MB PSP D17
Metal Gear Solid Graphic Novel 634,161KB 619MB 607MB PSP D9
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus 694,209KB 677MB 646MB PSP D3
Metal Slug Anthology 738,283KB 720MB 714MB PSP D18
MLB 680,587KB 664MB 603MB PSP D13
MLB 06 The Show 819,481KB 800MB 777MB PSP D9
MLB '07: The Show 885,739KB 864MB 852MB PSP D14
MLB 08 The Show 907,795KB 885MB 868MB PSP D10
Monster Hunter Freedom 649,084KB 633MB 625MB PSP D16
Monster Hunter 2 Freedom 693,291KB 676MB 659MB PSP D8
MX Vs ATV Unleashed On the Edge 476,272KB 465MB 461MB PSP D9
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 521,430KB 509MB 405MB PSP D16
NBA Live 06 408,174KB 398MB 389MB PSP D16
NBA 07 498,103KB 486MB 477MB PSP D13
NBA Live 08 512,816KB 500MB 486MB PSP XXXXXXXX D7
NBA Street Showdown 294,811KB 287MB 265MB PSP D13
Need for Speed Underground Rivals 218,790KB 213MB 207MB PSP [L]Korean D14
NFL Street 2: Unleashed 168,469KB 164MB 124MB PSP D16
NHL 07 833,445KB 813MB 793MB PSP D14
Sega Genesis Collection 762,259KB 744MB 732MB PSP PAR D6
SEGA Rally Revo 148,750KB 145MB 133MB  PSP D14
Sid Meirs Pirates 191,660KB 187MB 184MB PSP D3
Silent Hill Origins 727,437KB 710MB 697MB PSP D11
SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 533,346KB 520MB 495MB PSP D10
SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 1,382,907KB 1.31GB 1.23GB PSP D12
SSX On Tour 624,517KB 609MB 490MB PSP D8
Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron 704,750KB 688MB 676MB PSP D13
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max 98,615KB 96.3MB 78.2MB PSP D9
Super Collapse 3 33,843KB 33.0MB 32.8MB PSP D18
Syphon Filter Combat Ops 70,300KB 67.0MB 67.0MB PSP XXXXXXXX D5
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror 1,587,226KB 1.51GB 1.39GB PSP D1
Syphon Filter Logans Shadow 1,141,340KB 1.08GB 1.07GB PSP D1
Patapon 205,717KB 200MB 149MB PSP D1
PQ Practical Intelligence Quotient 2 602,563KB 588MB 583MB PSP D11
Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 756,738KB 738MB 642MB PSP D5
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 925,697KB 904MB 800MB PSP D5
Pursuit Force 850,705KB 830MB 822MB PSP D7
Pursuit Force Extreme Justice 1,056,678KB 1.00GB 980MB PSP D11
Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords 83,300KB 81.3MB 80.0MB PSP D2
Puzzle Scape 33,416KB 32.6MB 22.7MB PSP D18
Race Driver 2006 879,388KB 858MB 615MB PSP D6
Ratchet & Clank Size Matters 861,089KB 840MB 751MB PSP D3
Ridge Racer 611,418KB 597MB 586MB PSP D2
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 420,408KB 419MB 195MB PSP D18
Tekken dark Ressurection 1,213,800KB 1.15GB 1.07GB PSP D2
Test Drive Unlimited 984,585KB 961MB 929MB PSP D15
The Lord of the Rings: Tactics 483,076KB 471MB 463MB PSP D17
The Warriors 1,583,131KB 1.50GB 1.45GB PSP D9
Thrillville Off The Rails 523,624KB 511MB 473MB PSP D17
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 597,240KB 583MB 558MB PSP D18
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 618,375KB 603MB 578MB PSP D6
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 649,717KB 634MB 610MB PSP D12
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 669,135KB 682MB 661MB PSP D18
Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix 547,968KB 535MB 515MB PSP NOMU D5
Traxxpad Portable Studio 200,986KB 196MB 186MB PSP D11
Twisted Metal Head On 328,962KB 321MB 313MB PSP D13
UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 564,582KB 551MB 517MB PSP D13
Ultimate Block Party 45,141KB 44.0MB 38.7MB PSP D13
Ultimate Ghost & Goblins 319,522KB 312MB 235MB PSP D5
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade 185,987KB 181MB 139MB PSP D18
V8 Supercross 3 shoot Out 695,723KB 679MB 489MB PSP D7
Valkyrie Profile 616,100KB 601MB 561MB PSP D6
Virtua Tennis 3 344,952KB 336MB 292MB PSP D15
Virtua Tennis World Tour 169,185KB 165MB 138MB PSP D6
Wipeout Pulse 229,717KB 224MB 221MB PSP D1
Wipeout Pure 158,495KB 154MB 154MB PSP D2
World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets 827,233KB 807MB 786MB PSP D17
World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 776,752KB 758MB 661MB PSP D15
World Tour Soccer 06 227,400KB 222MB 211MB PSP D16
Worms Open Warfare 2 92,264KB 90.1MB 89.5MB PSP D8
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 1,416,558KB 1.35GB 1.30GB PSP XXXXXXXX D5
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 1,335,008KB 1.27GB 0.97GB PSP XXXXXXXX D15
X-Men II Rise of Apocalypse 840,714KB 821MB 746MB PSP D8
GAME: Tested Games as of 04252008 ExMMDDYYYY
DUO: Space Capacity Taken On DUO MEMORY STICK
ISO: Complete Size of the Game
COMP: Compiled Size of the Game for Storage
SOURCE: Hardware/Software Running the Game.
DETAIL: Issues The Game May Have
A.)NOMU: No Music Audio Tracks Needs To Be Injected
B.)PAR: Partially Working / Random Freezing
C.)XXXXXX Game May Not Work On All PSP's & Or Firmware
D.)[L] Language
STORAGE: Location Of The Game
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