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Has the rabbit seen the horse? Or do you slip away out of this shallow and sadistic world and into the waiting arms of suicide, mistress of disire? And ther in her never-dying arms you shall find peace, and there you will wait until the end of time, all because one fucking stupid rabbit didn't see the huge great horse bearing down upon it, causing your mixed feelings of anger and sorrow to escalate to a point where you find even a simple task such as breathing a chore. And there it ends, both your life and this pathetic attempt at poetic symbolism...

When all is dark
They all come out
And when you hark
At them they shout
Out things that scald
And burn your brain
They are so cold
And bring such pain

And I die among the ruins
Of my tortured dreams
I despair for my children
And in the dark I scream
When the hungry beast of greed
Crawls out from his lair
The weak shall all take heed
Of his ever-vengeful stare

I scream as loud as my voice can suffer
As the dark hands pull me under
Into a world of pain and suffering
I try to stop but I just keep tumbling
All things that I used to love
I left them dying far above
Me because I'm so far down I can hardly think
All I can do is continue to sink
Deeper and deeper until I reach my life's end
I know I'll die but at least I know then
That never again shall I
Ever see a bright blue sky
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