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March 28, 2002

NEW STUFF!!! Such as the Songs section. Sorry I haven't been keeping the NEWS up but I been kinda busy. Umm, The gig at Rusty's was a flop unfortunately, only 5 people showed up. But we will not let this little incident phase us. We have some new songs that we are working on, so watch out! Umm that would be all for now. Thx for visiting, and always, WATCH FOR THE DANCING BABY!

- "Mikey"

March 9, 2002

All right guys, I got the site up, I means Mikey. We have a demo CD out now, though we're just passing it through the school and some family members, we're hopin' to have a full CD soon. We got a GIG @ Rusty's house, those who got the flyer in school call rusty for directions and stuff. Later Ya'll

- "Mikey"

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