I've always got new shows coming in, so check back periodically.

New Shows: (updated 2-6-00) Pantera audio, David Bowie(tokyo) video, GNR(ritz 88) video

I will probably trade for any good quality shows, Audio or Video.

I trade Audio for Audio(Tape or CD-R) and Video for Video. If I'm feeling happy, maybe even 2 audio tapes for one CD-R or Video.

I'm interested in Sepultura, Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Ministry, Primus, Manson (ONLY in Mechanical ANimals, I have my fill of everything else), Incubus, BUCKETHEAD, Tool, TYPE O NEGATIVE, BLACK FLAG, ROLLINS BAND, ALICE IN CHAINS, OZZY, Metallica, NEW NIN, HELLSTOMPER, Pantera, ANY GOOD SHOWS!!!! Just make me an offer or let me see your set list and I'll tell you if I'm interested.

This page is meant for Trading Bootlegs. I've got a few Audio and Video bootlegs. I'll trade for either, I just don't want to be dicked out of anything and I want some good quality shows. All I ask, I hope you can be mature anough to handle it. I hate being ripped off, and if you do rip me off I'll cut off your balls (yes even if you're female) and feed them to my dog. Well no, but I'll be mad and I'll make damn sure your trading reputation is hindered.

1. We send at the same time, here's my list of references

2. Do NOT cut songs off on cassettes.

3. I ONLY use brand NEW cassette and video tapes, I expect you to do the same.

4. All of my videos and audio's include set lists. Please include the track lists with the boots you send me if we are trading.

5. I don't care if you write on the video or cassette cards, but if you do, write neatly, please. Tell me if you don't want me to write on your cards.

6. I Send regular mail. If you want Priority you will have to include the money for it.

7. If something is damaged on the tapes I send you, please send them back and I'll record it on something else. I expect you to do this also.

8. Only use SP, do NOT use high speed dubbing, no extra bass, etc. on cassettes.

9. When you contact me for what you want to trade, send what you want, your e-mail address, mailing address.

10. For tricks on how to send stuff without losing money, click here.


Tori Amos

David Bowie

Faith No More

Foo Fighters

Grateful Dead

Guns N' Roses


Sarah Maclachlan

Marilyn Manson


Misfits and Samhain

Nine Inch Nails


Ozzy Osbourne



Sex Pistols


Type O Negative

If you need to contact me for Trading/Selling matters and questions, e-mail me.

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