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Promoting a high degree of awareness and participation in the client's own healing process and personal development, restores harmony and balance within.

Simone established Nimue Oak to assist clients with their breadth of vision, self-confidence and optimism providing the ability to cope with any difficulty, creating a centering force that unites the strength and wisdom of elemental energies.

Nimue Oak is in the business of increasing the well being of clients in a creative and nurturing atmosphere and an environment where you will feel safe and comfortable whilst undergoing the experience.
Energetics is?
A physical, emotional and spiritual process that assists in transformation at a fundamental level, balancing and repairing "short-circuits" in your body's systems and aligning the subtle energy fields that surround and flow through us.

Gently peeling away layers of mental and emotional issues we collect through life, self-esteem, physical and emotional traumas, habits etc provides a natural way to restore balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit.

It cleanses the body of built up toxins, relieves pain, soothes shock, and calms the mind and emotions. It  loosens blocked energy and accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself while at the same time promoting a state of total relaxation and well being. It is gentle, non-invasive and can be used to support other forms of medical treatment.  For further information on Energetics go to
Corporate Services
Re-energise and inspire your workplace. Support employees to embrace change, energise others and break down barriers, as well as to be customer focused, responsible and accountable, to strive for excellence and to face reality.

Simone has many years of experience in fast-paced and actively changing environments in senior strategic and operational management roles within Fortune 500 companies & small business.

Simone is an experienced consultant, senior trainer, conference speaker and workshop facilitator, interviewed for and published in corporate magazines.

In combining her experience and tertiary qualifications with Nimue Oak Energetics, Simone has created a unique and successful approach in addressing issues within the corporate Mind-Body paradigm.
Individual Therapies

Creative Expression as Healing
Crystal Therapy
Focusing & Guided Meditation
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Polynesian Healing systems
Meridian & Chakra Therapy
Shell Essences
Sound Therapy- Toning & Drumming
Thought Field Therapy
Vibrational Medicine
Simone Moore is a qualified Energetic Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, Advance Meditation Facilitator, certified in Hawaiian bodywork and Polynesian Healing systems and recently spent three years on the Committee for the Energetic Healing Association.  She works with energy-based techniques acting as a catalyst to fuse and increase the synergy of the individual's ability to heal the self by enhancing their understanding, motivation and experience of natural therapies.
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