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Crazy Fiber Arts Page
My name is Edith and I am a fiber artist heavily into crazy quilting, beading  and garment embellishing.
I am also the owner and moderator of the Canadian Crazy Quilters Group
I like to incorporate "ciggy silks" into my projects which I reproduce from original Victorian designs. These little gems give any item a truly exquisite Victorian feel. Combine them with lace', trims, buttons and beads and you have an instant work of art.

For a history of cigarette silks click here

For pictures and to order repro Victorian
"Ciggy Silks" click here
My Favorite Links:
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The Canadian Crazy Quilters
Crazy Quilting Magazine Online you can buy Crazy Quilt Kits for novices here
a great stitch library
My other interest is Herbs.
I grow all my herbs organically and mix wonderful teas.
The Herb-page is still under construction and not very pretty yet, please be patient
Quilting Arts Magazine
beautiful Fiber Arts
[email protected]
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