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Today business environment has become global & complex in nature.  To handle and overcome this situation every business is looking for a rapid change in its operations.  For this change it needs dynamic leaders in different areas of operations.  Management obeys no bound norms & behavior, so, managers have to understand the system as a whole. 

            NIMR’s vision is to create innovative skills & competitive thoughts in new generation managers who lead the business environment & function in new ways.   NIMR is committed to developing leaders capable of making business decisions in complex global environment & who are dedicated to serving their companies, society & humanity.  NIMR will help the business leaders of the coming decades deal creatively with a diverse workforce, a global market place, and a business environment characterized by rapid change. 

             NIMR is an independent autonomous educational institute conducting distance education program having a nation-wide network with whole-hearted and continuous support of eminent industrialist, management professionals, financial analysts and HRD experts.


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30, Parshwanath Towers,
          Shubash Chowk, Gurukul Road,
          Ahmedabad - 380052
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[email protected]


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