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Oct 13, 2008
Microsoft M

Oct 13, 2008
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Oct 5, 2008
CERN's New Grid

Oct 5, 2008
IIT Openhouse 2008

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Stuffs for the week...

Good bye Firewire...


Floppy, SCSI, Serial ports, Dial up modem, Firewire... the list is expanding while apple eliminating the technologies from its product line...

Apple created a big news when it released its iMac without floppy drive. Now again it is filling the columns by eliminating a cutting edge technology, Fire Wire, synonym for the high data transfer speeds. While the the users are really bothered about using their devices with the newly relaeased MacBooks, apple is confident that the USB 2.0 can satisfy these users.

Technologizer analyze this very briefly with the history behind the apple's technology eliminations... Read Brief history of elimination...

Do you want Instant On Windows...?

In an official survey microsoft collects opinions from users that how much they are interested in an instant on windows version...

Does the Windows 7 allow you to work with files instantly after switch on your laptop / desktop? Reports says Microsoft asks customers about their opinion on this. This is a feature that some of the hardware manufacturers started giving earlier; but built with the Linux platform. Windows systems are best known about their boot time requirements. It is not too far to see a change in this... Read more from Engadget Survey Details

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