Not in My Name


"When we see this barbarism, this criminality that Israel perpetrates...I am forced to say: Not in my name,"

                                               Ronnie Kasrils, Jewish Cabinet Minister,

South Africa

21st April 2002


"Israel Has nothing to hide"!!!


Dear Jewish friend,

 In 1988 the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) recognized the existence of the state of Israel and accepted a peaceful solution to the Palestinian cause based on United Nations resolutions 242 and 338. The Oslo agreement signed in 1993 later laid the foundations for the emergence of a Palestinian state through phased negotiations and Israeli withdrawals from Palestinian areas occupied in 1967 in both the West Bank and Gaza. Affected by a series of failures, delays and the continuation of the 35-year Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the current Palestinian Intifada erupted. The build up of anxiety and despair amongst Palestinians led to suicide bombings. The recent decision of Prime Minister Sharon to retaliate to such bombings resulted in world condemnation of Israeli army war crimes including the killing of innocent civilians especially in Nablus and Jenin camp, the destruction and ransacking of private and public property and the denial of access to medical teams, humanitarian organizations and media. What is certain is that the latest campaign has yielded the following images:


 Warning: The following images contain disturbing material that can only be viewed by adults over 18. You are STRONGLY advised to avoid viewing such material if you are in doubt about your ability to withstand such images.


Car crumpled by tank in downtown Ramallah

Sakakini cultural center, outside

Sakakini Cultural Center, theft of safe and hard drives.

Ministry of Education Exams Department

Ministry of Education Exams Department

Ministry of Education Exams Department

Ministry of Education Finance Department

Ministry of Education main computer server

Al Nasr TV control room. Destruction using sledgehammer.

Al Nasr TV station after the visit of the Israeli army.

Al Nasr TV station. Nothing can be salvaged.

Al Nasr TV station. All the film archive destroyed.

Housing Bank, main customer service hall.

A computer repair company

The Jenin Experience!!


Are you prepared as a human being, as a descendent of Holocaust victims and as an individual of faith and human values to ACCEPT such pains to be inflicted in your name? On your behalf? And before your own eyes? If not then please sign the following petition:

Not in My Name Petition to Kofi Anan

Read what the Western and Israeli media have written about the operation in the Jenin Refugee Camp

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