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Ray Nimmo Enterprises is a company specialising in
the manufacture of Quality hand made fishing floats.

About our unique range of floats - The facts

I take great pleasure in introducing my range of hand made floats. This site provides ordering facilities for the angler. Trade shops are welcomed to email us for details of access to the trade site, with trade order form.
My floats are unique in several areas.

Each piece of peacock is selected for its straightness & buoyancy capabilities.
The paint used is minimal & will not peel off due to special properties within the preparation and application.
The whipping applied by hand, looks great but the main reason for this attractive extra is to protect the bottom portion of the float from premature damage.
Because the peacock is graded for buoyancy, the shot capacity is very accurate.
Each float waggler has the best quick change swivel attachment on every individual float giving the facility to change floats to suit fishing conditions quickly. This also gives direct strike through to fish because the waggler will collapse on strike.
Our range also covers pole floats and again with a difference.
Olive green in colour has been chosen to blend with the water so that it cannot be seen under the surface. Unlike some fancy Italian patterns which catch more anglers than fish.
On careful inspection you will no doubt notice that my floats are technically more suited to the UK style of fishing.
The tips for chopped worm fishing are a perfect length. The carp floats are exactly right for our type of our managed fisheries. The bloodworm floats are perfectly balanced with special wire of remarkable rigidity.
Many patterns are made from rowercell. This material is 15% more buoyant than the softest balsa wood, giving a smaller float more shotting capacity. The hand finish gives a perfect float which can cope with the bashing it will no doubt receive from carp fishing.

Ray Nimmo Enterprises

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