I was busy writing about Guides while it suddenly hit me. In the Tarot section I always talk about how you should protect yourself. However I havenít explained how yet. So instead of updating the Guides and Astrology pages Iím now letting you know how to properly protect yourself.

Meditation, Tarot, Mediumship, Pendulum, Guides, Angels, Telepathy, Astral Visits and so on. I myself don't do ALL off these things but nevertheless they are spiritual. Before doing any spiritual work whatsoever PLEASE protect yourself. If you donít protect yourself it can mean serious consequences. You donít want to attract an wandering spirit/entity that is difficult to remove and/or worse. I know better than anyone else how difficult it is removing evil entities. (And I donít want to get into that because itís not pretty!) This is what I learned and what I myself am doing in order to protect myself.

Beginning I always ask the Lord Jesus Christ to shine his Light on me and on the place where I am. And to pour his love over me and to protect me. I ask the Angels to watch over me and to keep all evil from entering. I have nothing but good intentions. I am full of love. And no evil that isnít can enter this room or harm me. Nothing that is negative or undeveloped can harm me or enter this room, for I am protected by God. I ask my Guides to protect me and to help me with whatever Iím doing.

Then and only then I continue with whatever I intended to do. Whether that is meditation or anything else.

After Iím finished I thank my Guides, all the Angels and God for their protection and guidance. And then I close myself from whatever Iíve been doing. If itís just meditation itís not really closing myself. Thatís getting out of the meditation.

You can use the above or you can personalize it with whatever you want to say or do. Also, Iíd like to mention that it does help if youíre serious and if you actually believe in it. Regardless of who youíre praying at you do have to believe in it or it most likely will not work. Also, like I always say donít do anyone harm. If you have only love inside your heart no evil can harm you.

So, I hope this is helpful to anyone. Leave me a note in case you have any questions. Keep the light and love burning in your heart. And spread it.

All writing © 2007 Lorelei - Lorelei's Humble Abode, unless otherwise noted. Please don't copy anything without my permission.

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