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First of all I would like to advice anyone if you want to meet your Guide or know more about your Guide PLEASE protect yourself properly before doing anything!! You want to make sure beforehand you are having contact with your Guide(s) and not with an unknown entity. As far as I know Guides show only love. So if you have a gut feeling that something is wrong you’re probably right.

Everyone knows Guardian Angels from movies and the like. But now I’ve noticed that Guides or Spirit Guides are becoming quite famous the past year or so. Almost everyone has different ways to describe their Guides and/or what they do. Nowadays almost everyone seems to be having an Indian Guide? Or an African guide? Or an old woman by their side? So I thought why not delve deeper into all of this. And while I’m at it I’m taking you all with me on the journey…

In my culture we also have Guides. But it’s a little different then what is believed here in the Western world. For instance on our birthday we thank our Guides for guiding us by eating eggs. We don’t call them Guides we call them (directly translated) Older People. We eat one egg for the previous year. And one egg for the new year. We politely ask the Guides to continue to guide us in the next year. As a matter of fact we have loads of rituals in my culture. My father is very spiritual, so I’ve asked him and he claims that our Older People are the same thing as the Guides.

So Guides basically have big purpose in our lives. To guide you in this lifetime and to protect you. I have read a lot and there are people that claim that you have one main guide. The head, who will be there your entire life. Then you have all these helping guides who help you with something and then disappear. I guess you can call them the changing Guides. There’s also a lot of talk about whether Guides have once been people living on this planet. Some people believe Guides have never lived on earth and that Guides are more like angels. *sigh* As always, many theories and opinions… But what is the REAL truth?…

I think we should all just be happy and grateful that we are very well looked after. We may not realize it but they do try to help us out a lot. They fight for us. It doesn’t really matter who they are or what they look like. The fact is that they are in fact love and they are there. What I do believe is that it could be possible that you get may get more Guides when you’re facing a difficult period.

So I ended up talking to a Medium last Thursday to ask her about spirituality between me and my Twin Soul. I know a lot about spirituality however I don’t know everything about what is normal and what is not… I know that nowadays everyone is at least curious to know whether or not they have guides and if so: who they are, what they are and where they came from. I must admit even I became curious even if I do address them in rituals. There are websites that contain practices which you can do so you can meet them. I even found a website where you can e-mail someone that ask their own guides about YOUR guide’s name and their personal information!! It’s like a new hype!!

However the thing that stopped me from doing all these practices and e-mailing to finding out my guide’s name and personal ID is because I know there are entities that might pretend they are angels or even guides. You know me, safety first! I do know that the past few months I got a lot of signs. For instance like you’re getting a message. Or you are being driven into a direction. The rule guides have is that they never make choices for you. But I do believe they can give you signs to point out something or to try to point you into the right direction. I decided weeks ago to take this whole guides concept slow. If they want me to know them I guess I will eventually. But I’m not going to push anything.

But while talking to the Medium/Psychic I thought “you know… this is the perfect moment! GRAB IT!” She’s a Medium who works with Angels and Guides so what better person to ask right?? So I told her that I don’t know who my Guides are but that I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately. As if they’re trying to tell me something. But I don’t know what… She interrupted me and told me that I have 2 Guides. That’s not the interesting part… She told me that she wasn’t allowed to tell me any more about them... HUH?? So I guess my guides like to be mysterious. Seriously at first to me this was hilarious. But that does explain the feeling WHY I didn’t try these practices and didn’t try to get their names and info before anyway. I guess there’s a reason for it.

The Psychic also told me that my Guides want me to know about their presence. “They want you to know that they are there.” That Guides don’t just show up in front of you because that would freak you out. Ok, I understand that fully. After sensing a real spirit in my bedroom for the first time a few weeks ago I can fully understand that!! ((laughter)) I guess the reason will also remain a mystery… Until last night...

I had a dream last night. I saw a paper. And on that paper there were two names of the ones 'guiding' me. My two Guides who were assigned to me!! Ok are you ready?? The first one on the list was an ANGEL!! His name is Michael. And then there was a second guide and his/her name is... I CAN'T REMEMBER. But I'm almost certain the second one wasn't an Angel. I do remember it being a difficult name. Maybe even an exotic name. Oh well, I guess it will come in time. Since the most unexplainable things keep happening to me the last couple of months. Who knows maybe in a few months I'll be having long conversations with my Guides over a cup of hot chocolate. And in the meantime of course I will keep all of you up to date with whatever I find out.

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